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  1. Umm, game is dead? Actually, did you change prestege requirements?
  2. Well the traveling exploit, gang hopping, or whatever it's called was fun for a year. Of course player could not participate in City Kings. I am actually surprised it was not removed right along with camping. As always, still pleanty other goofy things some gamers are trying
  3. Christmas is right around the corner. Don't forget to share your love for Cats the Game with family and friends
  4. Hmm. That would be fun. Restart at p0 but as a ghost or something
  5. Nope. You get stuck camping without marshmallows
  6. For now, it's waiting. So if you missed out on purchasing, or from Hot Wheels theme All Stars events, or have since presteged and sold to Uncle Tony, it should coming soon
  7. There are many ways to get loads of free gems. Sadly only way to get gems faster than most is in-game purchases. Bigger question is what you wish to accomplish?
  8. It's part of fun journey. Some days, you will get right combo of parts and rivals to instant promote, but most days not. Hardest part is pacing yourself. At present there are 61 presteges (yes p0 is full prestege) x 24 stages = 1,464 opportunities to instant (where sponsor could add more). Instant promote to quickly (either luck or in-game purchases) and gang fight cups pose problems. But too slowly and lockout on gang fights. Just relax and journey on
  9. Confused What are you trying to do?
  10. Well there are a few tasks that would be cool to do offline, like tweeking my cars, fusing parts, cleaning up. But open door for so much cheating locally (changes you could do on device), that would become a terrible experience.
  11. It is not random Nothing in this game is random. When free to play gamers start instant promoting they get unlucky with drops for days
  12. It is very unclear just how much players study Leaderboards and ranking, but curiously you can observe unusual activity. #1 Ranked gang 萌新名人堂 has never failed to win with a maximum score #2 Ranked gang The Godfathers have lost a few battles, and do not always get the maximum score On would expect the cumulative points to become greater, but instead The Godfathers is getting closer in score each day. How can this happen? Easy. The "Random Maps" that 萌新名人堂 gets are usually 20,000 lower than The Godfathers. With the d99 50x bonus, this means on average The Godfathers can get 1,000,000 points more each battle than 萌新名人堂 Bad luck? Fact is same is happening with my gang 弑神战团. Maps are 112,000 or 119,000 maximum points, where every other gang with 25/25 players when battling 25/25 gangs see 140,000. Fair gaming?
  13. Better question: What is the point of playing this game?
  14. I generally leave out a wooden car to help out other players. If you wish to instant promote, I will not stand in anothers player way.
  15. Also fun to duck under