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  1. Zeptolab: Hey! Let's do something good to get people to play our games! *a few months later* Hey! People love us now, mess things up by forcing people to make money! Zeptolab in a nutshell. P.S Worst run company ever award is actually a tie between EA and Konami. You'd be surprised...
  2. He's essentially saying that when more gangs have finished the current city *never* zeptolab will add more cities.
  3. Stop reminding me of Apple being Apple.
  4. It was actually reduced to 100 I believe a long time ago.
  5. Zeptolab seems to have ignored this locked league. Unless there's a secret method of unlocking it.... DUN DUN DUNNNNN
  6. EA. EA is MUCH more cynical, greedy, and incompetent. Especially greedy and incompetent.
  7. I hate the current state of KotC as much as the next guy, but didn't v3nus say there was issues with Korean?
  8. I can already visualize zeptolab members swimming in cash.
  9. That's actually both strategies... Heals. Sadly. Now if you'll excuse me I'll go back to playing console games.... A better choice for all of us.
  10. EA comes to mind. Also, "plateforms"?
  11. Yeah, for some reason people keep thinking this is an actual forum about cats...
  12. That wasn't exactly high quality either... A meaningful contribution would not be talking about your gang's city kings stats once in a while.
  13. Miami...... Miaaaaaaaamiiiiiiiii....... MMMMMIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIII.....