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  1. Be book
  2. Face's monkey
  3. No. The only thing that matters how much more experience the part gains is the tier and stars.
  4. I agree with all of this, but sadly none of it is going to happen because zeptolab is zeptolab.
  5. Yes, because everyone is leaving this game now that it is so bad.
  6. When you tap the button to edit your machine, do you see the numbers 1 2 3 with a white background right next to each other? Tap one of those (2 or 3 for you) and you can create your machines.
  7. The stars are not pointless, they determine the price to add and how much of the thing you're adding you're adding.
  8. banana's choice
  9. Wow Phil, I'm disappointed. zeptolab fails. I would be more original, but... Life.
  10. Wow. Sarcasm. I like sarcasm. As much as I like that protein name with 189, 819 letters. Honestly though, I think we should focus on more important things, like the ultimate league actually being good, and introducing real tournaments, then focusing on pointless buttons.
  11. I don't know what that means, but I'm pretty sure you're asking for codes (by the way you're only allowed to use English on this forum sadly thank you very much) so please do not create separate topics asking for codes. All codes will be posted in the code topic by code hunters. Thanks!