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  1. That makes no sense.
  2. Such response. I think more time and thought was spent on that photo than the actual response.
  3. Somewhere over the rainbow.
  4. When you try your best but you don't succeed... to get attention... *cough* *sneeze*
  5. That's subjective. But just have a competition or something. The one who doesn't make sense will make sense in the end. I have no idea what I just typed.
  6. My life has been changed forever.
  7. Right, I exist! Uh 3 I think. I don't know why I still even have cats. 83 or something.
  8. It finishes when zeptolab stops making money, so never.
  9. Zeptolab: Hey! Let's do something good to get people to play our games! *a few months later* Hey! People love us now, mess things up by forcing people to make money! Zeptolab in a nutshell. P.S Worst run company ever award is actually a tie between EA and Konami. You'd be surprised...
  10. Facts.
  11. He's essentially saying that when more gangs have finished the current city *never* zeptolab will add more cities.
  12. Stop reminding me of Apple being Apple.
  13. It was actually reduced to 100 I believe a long time ago.
  14. Zeptolab seems to have ignored this locked league. Unless there's a secret method of unlocking it.... DUN DUN DUNNNNN