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  1. So... I've seen a lot of talking about Paw Points being useless for players above prestige 12. But I've seen very little (none actually) suggestions on skills that could be added and that could fit the actual "meta" of CATS. Here's a small list of ideas: Slippery Chasis. Enemy lifters will lift your machine 10% slower. I'll be honest, I abuse a lot the lifters because they're quite op. Not very hard to counter but really annoying to deal with. Recoil Resistance. Shotgun's knockback reduced. Lighter Forklifts. Forklift slowness reduced. I think those gadgets need to receive a little more attention. Ticket Master. You have a chance to earn 20% more ultimate cash on each ultimate battle. Life Saver. Med-kits heal 25% faster. I honestly find this gadget quite useless. Unlike many other gadgets, they lose utility as you go further. Improved Med-kits. Med-kits heal 20% more. Special Healing. Med-kits add to their healing 33% of the damage you receive during the first 2.5 seconds of battle. I'll prefer this one over the other two. Whale's power. Increases initial power on whales. And to every other body part that doesn't have it yet. Special Gift. After entering a new stage, you're granted a random part of that level. Just a little help for unlucky players. Piercing Harpoons. Harpoons deal 5% of your damage on hit. Resistant Harpoons. Harpoons hold the enemies a little longer. Anti-explosion Coating. The first rocket that hits you will deal 20% less damage. Burning Head. Drills, stingers and chainsaws burn the enemies dealing 10% DPS for 3 seconds. This is meant to help those weapons keep dealing damage after being lifted, because they're easy to counter. What do you think? Wanna add something to the list? I know some of those numbers are op but I know Zepto's devs will know what's the right thing to do. My ideas come from my CATS experiencie after seeing a lot of opness on some stuff.
  2. I like it. I would add "opponent's machine takes damage (based on your DPS) when your machine is on top of it".
  3. I've had this idea in mind but never actually posted it, lol. Thumbs up! It would also be cool if you could refresh the item shop (once every [x] hours) using gems.
  4. I would add a "New items" tab. Sometimes you just want to have a look at your new stuff, so you can start replacing old parts on your machines.
  5. I agree with most of what you actually say. I've been playing for 2 years, long before even shotguns were added and at that time those were "testing weapons" which you could try before they were released to everyone by paying a little. The lifter was a mistake btw. At that time I recommended the game and said many times "is not pay to win, you should try it". Now I feel almost obligated to play it because I have come too far to leave... When ultimate league got released I was intermediately thinking of how unnecessary this was and I also read on the forums people complaining about it. You can actually play the game totally ignoring ultimate fights, I have done that until KotC came. I was ok with that, somehow I started to have fun again. But the All Stars event and the points multiplier made me realize that something was not ok... so you pay money, to earn better stuff and outplay every non-paying player, that's called "pay to win" in my rancho. Ok, it's not a big deal... Then the molotov and the boomerang were added. I expected those to be added eventually to regular boxes, like the shotgun, the minigun, the medkit, the lifter and the harpoon were added at their time, but it didn't happened... I totally understand that developers need money, I am a developer myself; but I think this is too much.
  6. I have a few tips about bets that may help you avoid this from happening again. Only bet if you're 100% sure you're going to win. If you really need to bet then make sure you've got at least 70 gems in case you lose. Look at the amount of players betting on each machine but try to use your own criteria (this may actually grant a better reward). Look at the attack values. Chainsaws inflate those numbers but are very likely to lose; same for drills and stingers.
  7. I recently found a slightly game-breaking bug. Here's the screenshot of the match before the game crashed. What happened? The game crashed exactly at the moment the opponent lost its front wheel to my gadget (don't remember the gadget's name). No need to actually be really quick to take the shot because the game freezes here for a few seconds and it closes. I know my phone does this with heavy apps (like CATS) and a "turning it off and on" solves it most of the times (this is the only time it hasn't worked). I'm really grateful the game allows you to re-join a fight when the game crashes. How to replicate it? Mi machine has one of those new Hot Wheels bodies, the gadget that takes off the opponent's front wheel, double rocket, shotgun and scooter and roller for wheels. The opponent has one of the new booster from the Hot Wheels, boulder body, double blade, a levitating tire and a double roller. Since it happened again (my machine was the same) with the opponent having a sneaky, I can say it can happen with any body. How to end the crashing-loop? Surrender the match, you either lose the batteries you've just invested or lose your ultimate ticket. Has anyone experienced this bug?
  8. Hell is full of no-scope sneakies and double lifters
  9. Hey! Maybe +1 year of experience is not a lot for other veteran cats but is useful for players who've been playing for a shorter time, and somehow, useful for older players who've missed those tricks. I've been using mostly those machines and creating new ones because CATS is the kind of game where building smarter gives better results than building stronger (and easier tbh). Smart builds can win against machines with 10 times your stats which makes them very useful in gang fights. No guaranty to get the 10/10 though. I've given names to those builds based on what they do and to ease the referencing within this writing. Some of those builds where gathered from this same forum but most of them where found in game and made from testing silly builds which seemed to work very well. You can share your builds here as well. Since getting accurate screenshot from those builds is a little complicated, I tried to replicate them the best I can using PowerPoint, lol. I'll start this with my favorite one for "before prestige 1". Bouncy Boulder Required: Boulder with gadget slot on top 1 Booster 1 Blade Better: Boulder with gadget slot on top + 2 weapon slots 2 Blades 1 Booster This build gave me a lot of instant promotions when I started playing CATS. I got the idea when I saw a lot of builds with this body getting flipped sooooo easy, I first though it was a useless build but at a given moment I got stuck with players with machines stronger than anything I had at the time. I couldn't win them in a "strongest machine" match but I thought "If I attack them from behind I can totally win". Then, this machine was born. You can get creative with the wheels. Due to the varying wheels slot positions you'll need to figure out yourself, which wheels fit the best your bouncy boulder. Weakness: Double rockets (an obvious one) Builds with 2 shotguns Heavy Whale Required: Whale with 2 weapon slots + 1 gadget slot 2 shotguns 1 Lifter Wheels no smaller than tires Better: Back wheel does not touch the Whale tail Front wheel is not exposed to your enemy This whale makes use of the lifters effectiveness and allows you to ensure the flipping with the shotguns. Surfers and sneakies have almost no chance! Just like every build with shotguns, melee weapons barely touch you and you can even stop those annoying No-scope laser/rocket sneakies. The wheel position is pretty much optional but totally changes the build performance. Use only sticky tires, bigfoot and sometimes regular tires since the knockback will be too much for other wheels. Weakness: Machines that do not get lifted quick enough Classic classic Requires: Classic with weapon slot NOT in the back + front wheel NOT exposed to opponent 1 Blade 1 Lifter Bestter: Wheel center is located above body's bottom The name comes after the fact that classics are made mainly for this purpose or at least this is the best way you can use them. This build will lift any opponent leave it vulnerable to your blade and to the demolition things from the corners. Is recommended to have the wheels above your bottom side. This will allow you to put bigfoot, tires or sticky tires which make the classic classic a good counter to shotguns. The gadget position isn't very important since just a little lifting is enough to allow your classic to do it's "classic thing". I also recommend going for maximum health on this build and let the giant saws do the dirty job. Weakness: Any build that doesn't rely on directional attacks, like the bouncy boulder Forklifts No-Scope Sneaky Requires: Sneaky with 2 gadget slots 1 Laser 2 Backpedals Better: 2 Super-Backpedals with bonus damage for lasers Sneaky with 2 gadget slots and bonus damage for lasers This is a build I haven't used myself because there's still a bit of honor in me (?). This nasty strategy has prevented me from getting a lot of instant promotions and has stopped many gang fights win streaks. This is the kind of machine that is not worth making a counter for, because is not that popular but still very annoying. Anyway, is actually really easy to counter them. Due to the way this build works, you need to put no wheels or, sometimes, compensate the backpedals force with a knob. With this build, you rely strongly on killing with 1 shot. Some variations of this strategy use a double rocket instead of a laser. Weakness: Arpon Tank builds with double rockets, enough health to survive a laser shot Fast machines with shotguns Camping Titan Requires: Titan with 2 weapon slots / Titan with 3 weapon slots 1 Backpedal / A shotgun if no gadget slot is present Better: Add knobs or larger wheels ONLY IF you're sure the Titan is not moving with them This build relies strongly on not moving at all and cornering yourself to prevent lifters from... lifting you. While you're in the corner, knockback from shotguns and classic classics wont bother you. Titans have, by default, a lot of health so you can use this as an advantage. If you're able to keep the main features of this build, you can get creative with the weapons and the gadgets. For example: change the gadget slot for a lifter and use a shotgun to corner yourself. Do not rely on shotguns for damage since you're not supposed to get close to your opponent. Weakness: Arpons I'm aware, I'm missing a lot of builds here but I've already spent a lot of time doing this post... It doesn't mean it wont be more Feel free to add your own builds here and I'll test them to find their weakness and their variants. Thanks for reading!
  10. Hi everyone! I made a gang a few weeks ago after being kicked from a gang who didn't even give me a chance to earn some trophies, and after quiting 2 gangs whose leaders went inactive, which eventually made every active player leave because there was no one to kick the inactive ones. It may not be the best gang you can join but it has at least an active leader, willing to make everyone cooperate for the good of everyone in the gang. 5 prestige is the min required but I will change it if someone out of that wants to join us. We can share strategies and builds, I can totally help you after playing this game for +1 year.
  11. Hi! I want to thank everyone for your feedback on my previous idea. Another one came to my mind lately and I want to share it with you. The acid gun This weapon shots acid balls, like the dragon grenade launcher. When an acid ball hits the enemy, it starts to deal a given amount of DPS, like the flamethrower, but it will not stop until the battle is over. Acid shots are stackable, so the more you hit, the more DPS the enemy will receive. The acid gun shots every 2s which makes it only useful if you're able to absorb damage from your enemy long enough. The good thing, if both machines are flipped, the acid shots you've landed will give you a higher chance to win. Some variations for this idea It may shot 1.5s instead if 2s is way too much OR it may still shot every 2s but a guaranted first shot after 1s, making the second shot to be made at 3s and so. This will make sure that your enemy is getting at least 1 acid ball before flipping you. Since the enemy will get a lot of damage once a few acid shots are landed, the DPS for acid guns should be very low, but this will only make them unbalanced when users start to put attack boxes on them, just like the minigun used to be. Possible solutions: Acid guns can't be improved with attack boxes. This is a dumb solution, I know. Acid guns get less buffing from attack boxes. I'm aware, this one is not better at all. DPS shown in acid guns is the damage your enemy gets once you've landed 3 shots. Which means, each acid ball will add 1/3 of the total DPS. This one is better. What do you think about acid guns? PD: It doesn't have to be acid, it can be anything with stackable power.
  12. Hi everyone. I watch forum topics from time to time and my favorite section is the idea's section because I've seen some of them become a reality and make the game more balanced and fun. I'm on prestige 14 and I've learned a lot since I started playing, about 1 year ago. This new gadget came to my mind and I thought a lot about it. Is intended to work for normal battles but with a little tweaks it could be implemented into ultimate fights. The shield / armor This gadget uses 2-3 energy. It protects the machine against different types of damage, which is displayed on the gadget info as well as the amount of protection it provides. The type of damage it protects you againts is randomly chosen when the weapon is added to your inventory, just like "super part" bonuses are generated. Types of damage: Piercing. From stingers and drills. Explosive. From rockets and double rockets. Projectile. From shotguns and miniguns. Slashing. From chainsaw and blades. Heat. From lasers. How does the protection work? The gadget provides an amount of protection represented as % which will decrease the damage input every time your machine is hit. Let's say you have a 10% protection against explosive damage. Every rocket it hits you will only deal 90% of its total damage. Example: a rocket with 1000 DPS will deal you 900 DPS instead (yeah, this example is necessary). However, blades, shotguns, miniguns and any other weapon that is not rocket will not be affected by this protection and you'll still be rekt if you can't handle that. Players can increase the protection from a shield/armor gadget by increasing its level, just like first aid kits increase the healing amount. Every level will add 0.5% (or maybe 1%) of protection to the base value. Since they're gadget they can still have bonuses or be legendary. How do I know if my opponent has a shield and my damage input is affected by it? When you deal damage that your opponent is protected against, instead of a yellow spark you'll see blue sparks OR The type of damage the opponent has shield for will show an icon below the HP bar OR The icon for type of damage will be shown in the gadget itself. What happens if I have two shield/armor gadgets? You'll have more types of damage covered if the type of damage is different on both of them. But if both have the same type of protection, the highest value will be taken and the other one will be ignored, values will not stack. Why do you think this gadget is necessary? As you go through stages you start to realize how much players love rockets because of their simple functionality. At some point everything you encounter are ranged weapons maybe with some melee to pop lifters (mostly blades). When you chose a shield/armor gadget you'll try to cover most of the damage the other players in your stage are dealing so if you see them going mad with rockets just put an anti-rocket shield/armor gadget and you'll do fine (maybe...). When your opponents realise this they'll change their strategy or just increase (even more) their rockets power making the game a little "spicier". What do you think? Too op? Too complex? Thanks everyone for your attention.
  13. I was about to create a related topic
  14. I haven't got my hands on those parts, didn't know this existed but it looks too op. My idea is way different than that, it doesn't make you immune, it makes you "less vulnerable".
  15. you repeated the boulder... Here I go: Surfer 530 Boulder 530 (+) Sneaky 500 Titab 460 (-) Sorry, I can't put colors when writing from phone for some reason.
  16. I like this idea because melee weapons like chainsaw, drill and stinger need a boost.
  17. I was thinking about this idea a long ago but a little different. The first hit would destroy the shield making it useless. Just like the healing tool, it would reduce damage by points and can be improved as the tool is improved, just like the healing tool increases its healing capability. This may give use to those forgotten melee weapons (drill, stinger and chainsaw) as their damage is made over time rather than per hit, the shield would be destroyed instantly making it useless against them. So blades and any ranged weapon will get a little nerf while melee weapons (but blade) will have another reason to be used.