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  1. Well, actually that's not quite true, before its official release in April, the game was soft launched more than a year ago under the name Backyard Battles. Here's a part from an interview with Zeptolab's Chief Product Officer Max Petrov: "How big was the team of C.A.T.S. and how long was the total development time? The initial version took eight months to develop and the team consisted of only the game designer, the artist, the programmer and the product manager. After that we released the game to a 13-months long soft launch in Austria, Sweden and later in Canada. The team grew accordingly: there were more than 12 people constantly working on the project during the soft launch, and prior to the release we had 23 specialists working on C.A.T.S" You can read the whole interview here. A soft launch is a normal practice and is done before the official release, so the developers can gather enough feedback about the application's performance, users' opinion about it, what works, what does not and also to clear possible bugs in advance. Of course, new features, that are later implemented, can cause new bugs and that's completely normal, but what is not normal, are the longer than usual periods of time they need to fix some of them. And in my opinion, a year should have been way more than enough for them to be able to identify the problem with the too many instant promotions, allowing users to go through stages fast and thus, completing the whole game in a relatively short time. Nerfing the loot definitely works as a way to get around and fix it, but i think it's not the best solution, especially given the fact that most people usually compare what they used to get before to what they are getting now, causing them to feel rather impaired than satisfied, which definitely deteriorates their user experience. And not to mention that it's also unfair compared to other players, who are playing the game from its start and who were able to acquire parts that are almost impossible to get now and for some people, realizing this, it has definitely a discouraging effect.
  2. Well, talking about bugs, what about the top players leaderboard, it's been scrambled for almost a month now, it was reported back then and still no one has said anything about it yet. I guess it probably requires more than just a couple of lines of code getting fixed and some reformatting being done with it, also there's a possibility it can't be fixed without a new version of the game to be released, but at least an official statement could have been made about it, so people would know it's been working on the issue. I might be too harsh here, but I have two words for it that very well describe the situation - total ignorance. So it's not just the feedback needed, there should be also a desire from the devs to keep their users informed about issues like that and then there should be also appropriate actions taken by them or their management, so the problems could be properly addressed and fixed in some acceptable time periods and in my opinion a month is way more than enough. And it's not just the bugs that matter, there are also many other things that cause an overall negative feeling about the gameplay itself in the long run. Things like the RNG parts generator for example and the issue here is quite complicated because when almost all of what you get from legendary or gang boxes are legendary drills, as well as parts giving 120% boost to the same drills, also to chainsaws or diamond bodies, and then, when you try to explain to your users that the RNG is working better than fine, with all the parts having an equal possibility to get, well okay, but that's not doing any favor to you, it only makes you look like a liar, because most users are not dumb, neither they are teens, who don't usually pay much attention to things like that. There are places like reddit, youtube, also this forum, where people share information about it and can make their own conclusions after all. It's problems like this in my opinion that prevent many users from spending more of their time and money on the game, because why should they even try and make some extra efforts to invest resources in the game, when almost all you get is total crap. And here we go to probably the most important and significant problems of all, which was actually the reason behind all these consistent RNG loot nerfings going over time - the lack of content after prestige 10. Actually, that's not the real reason, the real reason for the nerfings was that there were too many instant promotions, which allowed many players to get to the last prestige too fast and then here we go, we have a problem with the content. People like content, a content to keep them busy, give it to them, keep them entertained and they will play, the more they play, the bigger revenue they most likely will create and the cycle will keep going. Making new skins or adding new weapons doesn't really help much, because that's not adding a real content, it feels more like filling furthermore the already existing one. And speaking of content, the Halloween quest was actually a great idea, it works for now, but unfortunately it won't last too long and again there were some bugs coming with it, especially with the win streak, allowing many players to complete it very quickly (I know a guy who managed to finish it in just 10 minutes, because he already had above 3000 win streak in quick fights, which was just hilarious). There were some great ideas given by players here on the forum about what else could be added to the game in the future, so the devs better have a look at it and hopefully we might see some of them actually come true. And since I already mentioned the leaderboard, here's another problem in the game connected with it - cheating. Looking at the first 20-30 top players with 99m cat points (btw such players are getting more and more lately) leaves the impression that cheating is completely acceptable. Not only acceptable, but also even tolerable, because at some point the guys at Zeptolab decided to make an interview with the leader of the most powerful gang in the game lately, which shouldn't be something bad at all and is supposed to actually work as a stimulus to other gang leaders to try to be like him, but then you look at the leaderboard and what you see is that he's actually one of these 99m players. Just doing some simple arithmetics can tell you how much time playing the game you'd need to spend to get all these points. That's probably another issue the devs need to look at, though it might probably never happen because, at least I can't think of a proper solution without these players ratings getting hurt, besides they can always say they got heir points by spending a month playing non stop or something like that, it's just the way the game currently works and lets them do it. All this being said, I don't want it to look like I'm criticizing you directly or the mechanics community either, or even Zeptolab's community managers, who also appear from time to time, I know you guys do what you can and your job is to be the connection between the company itself and us the users, and you probably don't have much of a choice and have to deal with whatever comes out as a result of their work. I just really hoped I could see some improvements in the game over time, because six months are some decent time, actually there were some improvements, but they were easily outnumbered by all the problems the game has recently been suffering from. You're right that it takes time for problems to get cleared, also for improvements to be made and hopefully all this contributing to better overall user experience, but at least until now, I can't really see any promising signs of this happening. You probably know the saying "better late than never", but late is not always a good option, at least not in the mobile game industry, where things could change very quickly in a really short time.
  3. Well I could understand if it happened once, even twice, as you said sh*t happens, but lately I have the feeling that it happens every single time they try to do something. Starting with the minigun toolbox glitch (at first Chervey confirmed it was a bug on reddit, but then he said it was fine, so they could take an advantage out of it), then releasing an update where the main event didn't even work for a few days after the release, most likely because of bugs and not enough testing being made, frequent crashes of the app, probably because of the same reason (it even crashed on Jay's iPad smh) and the most recent one - promoting an upcoming stream and failing quite badly with it (starting it way later than said, not even live, low quality, promo code already expired, not delivering the promised content). And I don't even want to start with all the ingame problems like RNG loot and even insanities like their algorithms for generating real opponents, but with fake stats. I had the feeling Zeptolab was a solid software company, trying to build its name amongst the competition, but lately almost everything they do and that's connected to the game says just the opposite, which is pretty discouraging, at least for me as being one of their users - seems like they left all the work to the interns or what? All these, I'd call them unsuccessful attempts, make me think that the company, a company that has previously came up with great projects like Cut the rope, also King of thieves, has actually abandoned or lost interest in the true development of the game and left it to some side, mediocre team of developers, while the rest could probably concentrate on their next project. I'm sad to admit it, but lately I'm thinking more and more of quitting the game after all this, it was a great game at its start, a huge success at first and it had so so much potential, but unfortunately, that's not the case anymore, at least from my point of view. And I know that all I've written so far most probably sounds like a huge rant or just a complaining, well it kinda is to some extent, but most importantly it's also feedback, feedback to the developers I hope they read, because it is a very important part of the software development cycle and if they've paid enough attention to what people were saying in the first place, the results would have probably been different, way better than the current situation, leaving all this bitter taste of mediocre efforts being made and trials and errors. Anyway I don't want to sound too much negative, so I hope there might be an improvement to the game and their overall attitude towards it, I really hope that, though I'm afraid it'd already a bit too late, at least for me.
  4. It was working at some point later, but then it expired again Apart from the bad timing, the most hilarious part was when his iPad crashed and he lost his Halloween streak, like come on, it wasn't even live, it was a recording after all, so they could have cut that part off for example And I really liked the part where he was talking about the $1.99 promo offer, comparing it to buying a burger from McDonalds (as far as I know they don't use dynamic pricing there yet). I know that it's always easier to complain, the code later actually worked, but who knows how many people cared to check at it again. And after all, even a 10-year-old would notice that the whole purpose of the video was to show people how to spend more gems and after he did it, he conveniently said that he was running out of time and can't really talk about the coming update so you'll need to watch the next "live" stream. Well yeah, no thanks, I'll probably read about it in the release notes and hopefully all the new features are available when it launches this time
  5. A German youtuber called Maxim promotes the game and the code is in the video description
  6. I think you need the strongest backpedal at lvl 3 and a body very similar to this one, the wheel slots should be as far apart from each other as possible and the closer to the back, the better. I have very similar results like in the video, the boulder flips back, gets on top of the crates, stays there for almost a second, but eventually falls back down Note that trying wheels with different star lvls sometimes gives you slightly different results as well. I just can't imagine how this chinese guy from the video came up with the idea, it has many variables that matter and the concept is really genious. Btw I faced him in gang fights too, a member from my gang also did, both at the same time as the video came out on reddit (which makes me think that opponents in gang fights might be a limited number every time, like 1000 for example or even less and just their stats differentiate, according to yours) and this guy even had another boulder as a second build, but with lower stats and it did the exact same thing, and if you ask me the possibility of having the same bodies to be able to do it is so low, that it definitely raises some questions in me
  7. Well that's some good news, btw the parts generator is server sided, so they don't need to release a new version of the app to make changes if they need
  8. Well you already got it explained to yourself Watching ads and spending gems are the main parts of their monetizing strategy and they update it in the long run, that's why we see all these unpopular changes they made. The main aim of creating almost every app, no matter what it is, no matter what platform it is made for and no matter if it's free to download or not is to give revenue, it might sound cynical, but that's the truth, of course it won't make the developers rich, they try to earn their living like all of us, they might be getting paid a bit more than on average, but that's just job specific, the real money would probably go to their management and the two creators of the company, which is not something bad, but I have the slight feeling they're getting a big greedy lately They said they've already made a couple millions from Cut the Rope, which is not something bad too, but in my opinion taking a very good and enjoyable game like this was and turning it in almost completely p2w one only to maximize the profit from it is not the best decision, at least not in the long run, cause users are mobile, sooner or later they'll most likely try to find something more enjoyable to spend their free time on.
  9. They did it mainly because 2 reasons: there were many people screenshotting their bad loot and making posts complaining about it, usually on reddit (there's a big subreddit about the game on there, where Chervey posts from time to time), this on its own was attracting more people, also expressing their negative experience with their low star levels loot and this was kind of leaving the impression that the devs were continuously deteriorating the loot on purpose and making it harder for players to instantly promote (which is actually true ) and reason #2: there are people who have youtube channels, where they upload videos of themselves playing CATS (they were kind of popular on reddit, when the game started and was still new) and since you can't see the overall star levels of your parts now, it'd be harder mainly for newer players to make a comparison between the loot they currently get and the one these people got, for example 2 or 3 months ago - the difference is obvious. It's a pretty smart move of the devs to try to keep theirs and the game's reputation intact Edit: I'm writing from my phone and the forum's formatting is terrible , if mods could reformat the post it'd be great.
  10. Less than 12 hours, but that was like 3 months ago, now I'd say it's impossible, that was actually the reason they made so many changes about loot from boxes, new items and things that can help you instantly promote, since too many people were climbing the stages too fast.
  11. It's not a visual bug, it's made on purpose unfortunately.
  12. You are 200% right about that, they have to take care of their reputation after all the negative posts lately. I even have suspected spam posts being made on purpose on reddit to distract the overall negative feelings
  13. Unfortunately I don't have any more details, since they are both afk now, but I think Zeptolab should definitely release a statement about it, even though they experience problems with the game, so people get informed about the current situation and get to know these features will probably exist very soon.
  14. 2 members of my gang have been able to play the new halloween mode already, but the game crashed for both of them and they lost their progress so far. Seems like the devs are experiencing some pretty bad bugs rn, that's why the new features are probably still nonexistent And it looks like that it all comes to spending gems again, I hope this time it's worth it
  15. I like it how, many things in the game are being explained as “bad luck” like loot from boxes, opponents in gang fights, legendary types, etc. Actually in programming there’s no such thing as luck cause everything is programmed to behave in a certain way, it might look like it’s random and it might simulate such behavior in a very good way (which tbh is not really the case here ), but actually it’s just lines of code telling the app what to do. Btw it seems that they have removed the option to see the star level of the parts you get by opening boxes and now you can’t really tell what you got unless you go into your inventory, which, in my opinion, is annoying and even a bit offending, because do they think we are dumb and we wouldn’t notice the bad loot when we can’t initially see its level. I was so excited today when I found out about the new update, got even more when I read about the added new mode and additional Halloween stuff and when I finally got it there wasn’t anything like that (probably it’d get unlocked towards the end of the month, but my expectations were already raised by the update release notes) and actually some parts of the game have been deteriorated, which cooled even further my already lowered enthusiasm, they could have at least made a preceding statement explaining what or when these new features are going to be active, not leaving us wondering, without any clue about it smh