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  1. Yes i won a championship and received a legendary box and a ultimate box, progressed to the next championship and currently in position 1 Sorry no screen shot from previous win. If i win this 2hrs remaining on clock i will screen shot, hoping i get a legendary box again!!
  2. Can confirm legendary boxes have returned, ultimate box also received for winning championship.. Happy kitty again Thanks for listening Zepto!
  3. Changed everything alright... unfortunately for the worse rather than better.. seems most are confused and peeved off with it.
  4. So... The boulder which was amazing has now effectively become useless as it sort of drags its heels rather than flying through the air with a booster attached... Rendered my favorite body useless. Winning a championship for 1 ultimate part and no Legendary / Super parts box is a mahoosive kick in the gonads, no real incentive to winning championships :oS bring those boxes back dammit!
  5. cheers and i wasnt versed with the technical term 'lifter' looks like a balloon to me thanks for confirming
  6. Hi guys, New to the forum and despite my search didn't find an answer. Is the balloon gadget something you find in supply boxes? won in gang fights etc or can only be attained after a certain prestige level? I'm Prestige 3 at present but cant find it anywhere?