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  1. Double Rockets are rare, yes but whale bodies are more rare. Im at stage 13 and have got 3 double rockets but 1 whale so far.
  2. You can no longer get those skins.
  3. (Speculation)Those skins have been available as prizes in previous special events such as Halloween in 2016 or Easter at 2017
  4. Thing is, I am just at stage 9. I don't have a good machinery to win this challenge.
  5. Currently,I have 0 tickets. When I'll wake up 10 hours from now,I'll still have 0 tickets.All that can save me is my precious Super Box which will reward me with 3 tickets but after that,I'm broke. I request the developers to fix this issue and make it so that every hour,you can earn a ticket.This would be great for people like me,who just started playing since 5 days ago and want to progress.
  6. Good for you. Btw can you post the pics of the vehicles you used?Thanks
  7. Wow,prestige in 10-16 days?Sounds unbelievable,as the carbon levels an the golden parts stage look scary! Thanks for the feedback,now I know it will not take me a year to reach prestige as a free to play.
  8. How many weeks does it take to reach prestige level?