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  1. I guess this is a forum game? What would you make if you could have as many slots as you wanted? (Please don't say "I want to put 7 double rockets on my car") I would take a whale and put two lifters, a repulse and a booster on it.
  2. Do you really spend 100$ every week KittyKitty?
  3. I don't really feel like watching grown men make a Toys r Us fort.
  4. You know, everyone over prestige 4 will say lifter. But I actually like forklift better. It's more dependable.
  5. It kinda is annoying, dude.
  6. I feel happy for you, Phil. Congrats.
  7. Here's a game: type the password and I like a bunch of your posts to get the reputation up (makes you look good).
  8. I apologize for double posting, but it seems you have time on your hands as well. You posted earlier in this topic, and then you responded back after calling him a troll, so therefore that would mean you shouldn't be able to say stuff like that. 😎
  9. That looks photoshopped.
  10. It really looks like a New feature, it may even be one.
  11. Nah, for Some reason you can get more than 14 medals now, I have no idea why.
  12. Say whaaaaaaaaaaaa?! Either cheating or he's rich.
  13. Dang, that was good. Also does anyone know if they brought up the Prestige level again? I have to know so the CIA can bring my prestige to 71 definitely not to spy on foreign hacker CATS players 😎
  14. Okay, I actually thought you made meowscow up.
  15. Yeah, it's probably recommended gang, and the new people are at a low level since they have no gang.
  16. I think there is a Melissa something. Play the tutorial. You'll find a lot.
  17. Also you have an anonymous profile picture.
  18. I'm in the CIA. I'm the Prestige 51 hacker agent. I look for international spies trying to infiltrate the government through CATS.
  19. Prestige 2 = 5
  20. Me too. I think it's age, cause I said I was twelve, but I'm thirteen now.
  21. Is it My Little Pony stuff?
  22. Maybe Phil is the KGB agent and he's saying other people are to throw off the trail!
  23. Dude, all you had to do was type the words "the password" and you won. And I'm not in mewscow.
  24. Excuse me?