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  1. Thanks. Some new trivial thing for me to obsess over.... o_0
  2. I'm with Kitty Kitty and Angela on this. The campers are being "punished" because they made the game suck and I for one am glad to see them go. It's beyond ridiculous that a level 4, P13, sits in the same League for a week, picking off people who are trying to advance in the game. If you found this little "loophole" that allowed you to just sit back and pick off people and win trophies in your gang, you're not truly #1; you're a leech and need to go away. This game is for people who want to out-think of ways around people of their own strength and approximately close to their own Prestige to win, not just pick off the weak. Good riddance to campers. Make the game fun, again, or at least a bit more fun. and KoTC is awesome! It's like the Battle of Stalingrad, without having to eat rats for dinner! Go c.a.t.s.! Thank you Kitty Kitty and Angela!
  3. Pamelia Frey and Krockenberger get my vote. I've faced Joycelyn from the first day I started playing, ha ha. We're bosom buddies!
  4. Yes, because as the helpful, new "i" icon tells us, Titans are "Heaviest body with lots of HP and SOME STABILITY PROBLEMS." So, a Bigfoot is just going to make it teeter around more!
  5. This is great! Can't wait to confound everyone in the ex-Gold League!
  6. This is one of the reasons why when I first started playing this game, I sought out the Discord Channel. I'm also no physicist, but could see that the principles of Physics (in general, with some exceptions) applied. I'm smart enough to figure that out, but not smart enough to get inside my opponent's head. I'm still waiting for ViolaFury v2.0 to come out with that upgrade. It may be awhile. In the meantime, I've absorbed all I can about the game. I live on a fixed income and the gems are dear. Thanks for the game theory lesson; takes me back a few thousand years to school.
  7. Hey, Chappie! ViolaFury here! How did I get in your thread? Just kidding; I agree with everything you've said and yes, it is unnecessarily confusing. I hope ZeptoLabs gets this figured out. . . soon! Edit: Just read codys' entry and he explained the confusion. THAT's what I get for skipping all the way to the bottom! Cheers!