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  1. JAYSTERS 20 Gems
  2. JAYROCKS 20 gems
  3. Sorry if it is poorly written, is the best I could do with the Google translator
  4. Hi! Share your minigun builds! It's that mine does not finish convincing me and I would like to see their builds and give me their opinion. Those who give me more trouble are those who use double lifter, but not always. Those who give in the highest part do not raise me, but those who give me both in the trunk if they are a problem. Thank you!
  5. Hola! estamos buscando nuevos jugadores para incorporar en nuestra pandilla! -Nuestra pandilla esta conformada principalmente por jugadores de toda Latinoamerica! -Aceptamos tanto jugadores de habla Hispana como de habla Inglesa. -Somos un familia, por eso es importante mantener el respeto con los demás integrantes. -Es importante ser activo con respecto a aportar copas. Aquellos que no colaboren, o colaboren muy poco serán expulsados. -Para ingresar es necesario tener 5.000.000 de Puntos (5M) -En caso de que la pandilla este llena, deja un mensaje en los comentarios de este Post para poder hacer lugar así te nos unes! GAME-OVER id: GAME-OVER#58128
  6. Blah Blah Blah...
  7. I agree with everything
  8. The idea is good. It occurs to me that an icon is placed on the left side of the bodies. A star for example, and that there are all the bodies, weapons and gadgeds that were improved in level or with tool boxes.
  9. My classic with two weapons This is my temporary build, I plan to change the rocket for a minigun, and replace the lifter by the backpedal... Or keep using the lifter... I do not know yet