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  1. Should we expect a new update soon? We've had updates the past 2 months (albeit a smaller update in May). I ask because after really enjoying the game, I've grown bored after getting to Prestige 3. There's a bit too much luck involved in acquiring parts & there are only a few builds worth using. Even after spending a few bucks, you don't get the part(s) you want. I think if we could buy specific parts, there would still be the randomness of the bonus, so there could still be money to be made there without players rejecting the idea of buying gems. Anyway, don't want to go off into "new idea" territory Really just want to know when a new update is expected, or even better, what features are priority.
  2. Slot positions are important. You can try adding a knob to front (or back) to see if that helps. Maybe people are adapting to that build? I haven't played in a few weeks, but I have stronger boosters maxed. I have to use 1 knob or roller on front. I know you said you didn't upgrade that skill, but without seeing the build, don't know what else to suggest
  3. Welcome to the forums! I posted about this build awhile back with a video Your title might be a little easier to understand though. Definitely a fun build if you can get a good laser + body and/or gadget with +laser damage
  4. Just wanted to note that I've been getting a lot less skips (or rather, more times where I can't skip with videos). Maybe the gem thing is true. When I get frustrated by junk parts from boxes, I tend to play less & use gems to open boxes, even when video option is available. The last few days I've been trying to skip with videos, but haven't had the option most of the time.
  5. Up to you & slots on your chassis You can do booster + blades (same as bouncy boulder, but more likely to land upside down). Also you can do 2 back pedals near top + laser near bottom, & zap people mid air; oftentimes 1-shot kill. Or any other combo you want. I usually go with what has the best bonuses, but preferably blade for omnidirectional damage, because inevitably you will come across a forklift.
  6. I have it maxed & have had to adjust some builds. Definitely need to be careful when upgrading that skill. It also adds some new strategies, though. As for Classic, it should be fine if it's on the front of the tank, but I'm assuming you have a melee weapon there? Removing the wheels may keep a top slotted booster from flipping the tank. This takes away HP, though (probably legendary wheel? Lol) Good luck starting over Hope they add skill reset (via gem and/or 1 free) soon!
  7. Here is a screenshot from a few minutes ago. I've used gems to open boxes before, and this one was after viewing 4 ads back to back. It appears to be random for me. Also be sure to check when it shows the summary of rewards, as they don't appear when rewards are shown individually.
  8. Huh? -edit- I see what you mean now. You only got 1 legendary box through 23 instant promotions. Probably just a streak of bad luck. I haven't kept track of mine, and I don't remember half the time if my legendary boxes are from league or championship
  9. I have gotten (2) diamonds from a few regular boxes today. I don't really look for diamond rewards though. I'm more focused on getting a decent upgrade. I get enough diamonds per day to make up for bad bets & then some (including from league/champ wins). Maybe once you hit P10 (24) it's a bigger deal? Not sure your level.
  10. Or 4yr olds got ahold of their sibling's/parent's phone
  11. I know I've seen this build on here before, but I'm not seeing it now (searched & browsed). I finally decided to give this build a try. I always thought it was a bit pointless, as higher HP tanks with double rockets or blades will usually beat you. I also hate the name (taken from FPS games) as it's more of a 540+ flip, and there's no scope in this game... With that said, it is a powerful build, and easy to get crowns with. You know who you're going to beat pretty much instantly (minus the no-wheels & big HP tanks). Weapon: 1 laser (near bottom) Gadgets: 2 back pedals (top / front) Wheels: None (unless you have "more powerful boosters") I have a knob on front because I have more powerful boosters maxed. Wheel (and slot) positions can alter the launch/landing, so if you have 2+ of these chassis, try them all to get your desired finish. Ideally you will land upside down, so in the event you don't 1-shot them, you can get a second shot off before you get shredded. Also, you will want to have enough HP to withstand 1 or even 2 shots.
  12. That's the whale (in English). Unlocks when you Prestige. I've personally never used it as the slots & power are never adequate. Also haven't gotten any "on whale" legendary parts.
  13. Was trying to see how fast I could fly out of the arena (quite fast with 3 skill points in more powerful boosters) & pulled off the slammer. Fun build to mess around with
  14. Not sure if this is the same problem, or maybe the devs are trying to push the update to those having issues. I have the update with 3 layouts + new cat faces, but twice since then, I've gotten a notice in my notification bar that there is an update available. I checked & no update available. Is there another update that I'm not seeing or just a notification glitch?