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  1. Lol. Deminic, Kingsmen, Terr0r, NoMorE, Catsrule, What Names can you cats think of?
  2. I never get that high.. :< well glad you got more kills
  3. I don't really know as of yet but what's all your cats thoughts?
  4. First I don't need to ask if I can speak I have rights and there s no rules in the forum that say otherwise now if there's nothing more I will waste my time the way I want too. Thank you :>
  5. No wasting time is replying to you lol
  6. I agree.
  7. The reason people are only talking about lifters and forklifts are because that is what this thread is about.. lol
  8. I get that you hate Jay but did you read the forum rules? It is Halloween yes I get it not everyone likes 1 Halloween 2 anonymous 3 crappy footage 4 you can't hear it that good 5 no promises 6 it's just boring 7 low leveled player 8 things you wish you unsee Can we just play the game for what it is?
  9. Can we try to remember the forum is for nice things; not negative and not putting people down over something so pointless, maybe they just "zaptolabs" just want to play with the Halloween like any kid would.
  10. I don't use codes like that because I work for my stuff. :>
  11. I get them like it's every other box 120x on titan if not 50x's it's dumb I had a 120x health on one and 120on attack with a laser and I got 2 lasers my fourth time through.
  12. Congratulations, keep up the good playing lol.
  13. Please I think the point is made on both sides; please if you have nothing nice to say keep it off the forum, please remember the rules of the forum and good luck playing :> .
  14. I want to just have fun and play so I can waste time, to be honest.