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  1. Zaptolab? That's Zeptolab. Go learning English.
  2. Heya. I am new here, but, i am looking familiar, am i not? Anyway, i got an idea for C.A.T.S! The details are below: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Every Chasis in Crash Arena Turbo Stars has its own weight, with Sneaky being the lightest and Titan being the heaviest.. Being the lightest chasis, Sneaky can dodge attacks from upper parts of bigger chasis. But, this chasis can be pushed and flipped with ease. That's the problem of Sneaky, that is solved by the Weighter gadget. The Weighter gadget increases weight of the chasis, which has it instailed, by 50%. Also, the chasis with this gadget instailed becomes bulky and hard to push and flip with the crane and shockwave making gadget. But, this power will not come without a cost. Along with increasing weight, this gadget decreases movement speed, booster and reverse power, by 25%. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What do you think about this idea? Tell me your opinion, please.