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  1. body suggestion, The Alligator positive points: -strong against lifter, as your front tooth can grab the enemy, preventing the Alligator from turning. - Your tail helps in its stability preventing it from turning. -the bottom of your mouth helps not to turn against forklift Negative points: -can be easily jumped by a boulder using a booster I do not know how to use photoshop, so of course you will change it
  2. cool, so you do not miss the trophies that already got the wave stays for the next war
  3. send a print of how many trophies you got in this war
  4. Cool, you just made 825 today? good in the next war if you want you can join the gang
  5. seeking members who make 1100 trophies per war
  6. opened a vacancy in the gang, if you meet someone who makes 1100 trophies talk to me
  7. no problem, I forgot to print the team at the end, but one of my players took out
  8. I would already get a better prize
  9. nice! thank you for the informations!
  10. exactly, I guarantee that the OPG spends much more than 100 gems per player in a total calculation
  11. it's true, the good part is that I fight with him and I have cars just to defeat him, and with that I was able to win this battle, thanks for your words, you write very well
  12. because of this I'm building this build, it only speaks a good body
  14. getting trophies is already VERY DIFFICULT, even worse when they put the strongest members of my gang against me ... this is not the first time this happens, I would like the developers to do something because the fight was to be against other gangs not against mine
  15. I have another better one, I just need a good body.