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  1. This event really's annoying, I think none of our gang will reach the ranking matches. You burn dozens of cars to defeat one opponent, wtf? You might think to frustate players leads to more cash, that's wrong, they will quit! Keep ur heads up high👍
  2. Dear Mr. Jio, we are not confused when criticising the company, no need for the barely hidden aggressive and offensive subtext of your answer. I myself will pass this "event" because it forces me to grind medals for hours to promote, istead of entering championship 5 min before end to reach rank 1-6 for promotion. Therefore I will not be able to help my gang in gangfights untill this "event" is over, feeling sorrow. A lot of players will do so I think. 🐰Happy Easter to everyone🐰
  3. đŸ±Hi Leute, unsere Gang braucht VerstĂ€rkung, seid Ihr tĂ€glich aktiv in gang fights und city king und sucht eine deutschsprachige Gang? Dann kommt zu uns, 5 PlĂ€tze sind frei, wir machen 3-5k TrophĂ€en alle 3 Tage, sind Rang 900 und wollen besser werden😉. Anforderung: Prestige 5, tĂ€glich 50 Pokale und Teilnahme im König der Stadt-Kampf. Leitung: FAF61 Gang-ID: OLD GUNS#49937 Wir sehen uns dort.
  4. Thanks for ur replies đŸ€—, GreatSailor, we already set prestige on 10 and private mode isn't an option bcause we need fresh mates, and NotANewb, one of our guild tried to get another guilds gangbox this way but he was not able to take part in any of this guilds activities, he's been blocked 'til the end of season Still a mysteryđŸ‘»
  5. Hello forum kitty cats, maby u can help me with that: we have some free places in our guild and nearly every day some chinese players join us just to leave after a few minutes or hours without having done any fights or else. I haven't found an answer here yet, so do you have any idea why they act like that? Thanks