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  1. My gang got screwed on this. We were on 97 and only one win away and blamo...moved over.
  2. Someone doesn't have the smokestack. 😉 it's all good bud.
  3. AMERICATS is the place to be my friend. We're district 9, but top 400 gang in trophies and top 400 for CK. I personally won my Halloween all-stars and several others placed top 4.
  4. Americats is looking for active KOTC members. We're at stage 58/61 in District 8. We're a solid top 500 gang, but rank up in the top 300's most times with 6k+/cycle. If you're interested please send me shots of your KOTC builds via kik (what we use to coordinate). DABTASTICLE
  5. Unfortunately, there is no great answer to your dilemma. Recruiting is not easy especially with such a young gang and can be cutthroat. Good players are looking for solid gangs to join...just the way it is. You will always have people that join and then leave because you just weren't what they wanted. Not being involved with KOTC is rough too. You'll just have to keep grinding letting 0 prestige in hoping that players grow with your gang. Took awhile for AMERICATS to get a solid gang, but we still have turnover. Best of luck with your search...stick with it or maybe join an established gang instead.
  6. Americats is looking for a couple members. Top 500 gang midway through D3 Meowscow. Message me on Kik if you're interested. UN: DABTASTICLE
  7. A lot of my gang members are having the same experience. However, instant promotion still works. We are also very curious as to what this is all about since it does seem to affect your abilities to promote on the timed rounds.
  8. Americats would love to add an active member. We have great stats etc. We use kik...get at me if you're interested. Kik handle: DABTASTICLE
  9. Americats has room for 2. District 8. Top 400 gang. 6k trophies a round. Like to see 200+ every 72. On kik for CK coordination. Message me on kik if you're interested. DABTASTICLE
  10. Hit me on kik: Dabtasticle
  11. Americats is P3, but I may make an exception. We use kik purely to coordinate CK and get/provide advice on builds since we can share pics/videos. Global leader board doesn't really matter. We pull about 6k trophies a cycle and just entered District 8. Do you have 3 solid CK builds? Can you follow directions and rules? Can you get at a minimum of 200 trophies each cycle? If you answer yes 3 times I could make a spot for you. I have 1 member that's about at the end of their rope.
  12. You quick fight to win, right? You do City King battles to win, right? Its COMPLETELY about winning. Yes, we chat outside of CATS and become friends. We also boot jack monkey's that can't be part of a team. I'm sure there are some gangs that don't care and just wanna hug it out, but the ones that produce the best parts and opportunities for WINNING require commitment from their members. Too many newbs drop off the face of the earth. Sorry to be blunt, but its not worth our time.
  13. ^yurp...there has to be some sort of order. Everyone in my gang (and I assume most others) are looking to win and succeed. To do so you need a plan, some rules and members that want to win. I don't take less than P5 now purely because there is too much turnover for lesser P players. We have a pretty solid gang now anyway, but sometimes players fall off and spots come open. BUT! They fill quick on the higher ranked gangs. Once we broke into the top 500, spots fill almost immediately when they open up.
  14. Dabtasticle
  15. Can you get on KIK messenger? I'll need to lower our P level so you can get in. Shoot me a message when you've found us and I'll drop the steel curtain