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  1. Thanks for the heads up, game. I was just minding my own business, not hurting anybody down at wooden 4 prestige 13, but no, I'm not giving enough hard cash money to the game so just cut off my ability to help out my gang at all. Oh, and all the money you guys sucked up for people rushing to P 20 and P 30? Just hauling it to the bank laughing huh? For those of you that don't know, if you don't advance in the championship, you don't get trophies in the gang fights. "Victory! You collected all the trophies in this stage. Promote to the next stage in championship to get more" I founded the gang, wanting to provide a low stress, casual enviroment to let people enjoy the game without pressure and have a community that helps each other. Clearly that isn't something wanted here. I'm out.
  2. Sorry if being in the gang was any burden on you. I did my best in not pressuring anyone on their participation and I did appreciate your help while you were there. As I mentioned when you joined, you are welcome back anytime, give me a heads up and I'll see what I can move around.
  3. New Chinese New Year parts available in ultimate fights, eh? How original. Too bad I won't be able to get any benefit from the event. Oh well. Back to grinding boxes and gang fights.
  4. Very nice Zoki! I tried it myself but had an entirely different spin pattern, Have you increased your booster strength at all? Mine keeps ending up balanced pointing up. BTW, since you made it, what are you going to name it?
  5. With another holiday approaching, we are seeing an increase in suggestions for events and content related to the holiday. Here are some things to consider when submitting ideas. This isn't an official contact point for the game - Zeptolab may never see your suggestion, so don't get your hopes up. If something resembling your idea does end up in the game, don't expect any reward, compensation or even credit. Content takes time - Posting up your idea a couple weeks before the holiday makes it impossible for it to happen, at least that year. Even changing the name of an item can take several weeks, much less changing the appearance or function of something. As a best practice, think of ideas for several months away, or just for the next year and necro the thread about 6 months before the holiday comes around again. CATS has a global community - Regional holidays are not the best suggestions as, on average, at least two thirds of the community has never heard of or doesn't care about the holiday that only your region celebrates. As we have seen in the past, Zeptolab has events that cover several weeks to several months at a stretch, so instead of a suggestion for a Christmas event, try something like "Winter Showdown" or such. If different ideas get implemented, then you may get a change to experience something new from another culture. Just remember that we're mainly just talking to ourselves here, so be respectful and provide constructive feedback to each other. We're just having fun daydreaming at the end of the day after all.
  6. Puppy love?
  7. Something I notes back in November was that the Chinese new year was set for 02/16 and it will be the Year of the Dog. Seemed like a good point for an event. Invasion
  8. Pro Mechanic - Gives bonus EXP on parts during the fusion, which leads to faster level ups (unlocks at prestige 5) This is not the cat shaped points from the old leader board, this affects parts being fused together. When fusing a part onto another, you get a larger amount of the green bar filled up than you would normally. You need few parts and less high level parts to level parts up, and need less coins overall. If you aren't parked in a spot, it is generally more efficient to sell parts for coins and drop tool boxes on parts. Once you reach your happy place (20/24), then you will want to level up the parts after you run out of tool boxes.
  9. That's exactly what you're facing. Those opponents aren't real players, but instead randomly generated by the game. The parts are just a dressing for the stats, so you get ridiculous numbers for the parts listed. You can get more extreme examples by putting carbon weapons like a minigun onto a wooden frame. (Aside note: Great way to farm boxes) The single wheel is also a tell that those are bots as the latest update has that quirk.
  10. Also, what's up with this all the drops from the boxes? I open even just a wooden box and get FOUR parts??? And coins too! All this is making inventory management at real chore. It would really free up time to only have 1, at the most 2, things drop from boxes. And NO COINS, if we wanted them, we can just sell parts to get them! One last thing: I would really like it if I could just get a good nights sleep without interruptions, so please just up the time to open wooden boxes to 8 hours and "Super" Boxes (aka 2 parts) an even 24 hours. Thank you very much.
  11. My Clan "Night Cats" is just for helping each other out. We're not going crazy about getting the gang boxes ranked up high, but we do get one for everyone every time. I started it to be a beneficial patron, I'm not a social butterfly, you are welcome to be social amongst yourselves.
  12. I can get a significant number of parts for 150 gems. If you're talking resetting all the paws off all skills, then that price tag makes sense, but I'd rather it be more targeted, like get all the paws you put into rockets back for 30 gems so you can put them on double rockets now. In the long run, 30 gems for each skill would be potentially more gems being spent, but is more likely to be spent as it's a micro transaction. As they add new skills into the game, you could pick and choose if you want the new skills more than the old.
  13. Pics or it didn't happen, I know. Currently, P11 is F ing with me and I don't have a single sneaky in that configuration. I'm getting into carbon and will be more patient at P12 so I don't hose myself again. I'll post share gifs then, untill then all I have is this "artists rendering" of the concept.
  14. My take: 1 - Chatting with other people in the championship? Not my thing, but could be neat. I can see some trolling / flames that would need to be reported though. 2 - Chatting in the Ultimate league? Maybe an overall global chat with filters for rooms by language, your championship, your gang, etc would be a more cohesive implementation. 3 - We would all like a way to get better boxes and therefore better loot. This is another good idea of many. Maybe time to overhaul the skill tree? 4 - sorting parts - Yes, inventory management needs to be addressed, and again, this is another good idea of many. 5 - Rolling Quick Fights - yes please. Maybe a pop up "Crown earned!" and/or "All boxes full of crowns!" so we remember we don't have to keep grinding unless we're having fun. Once we pass that 60 win streak/have no more room for crowns, just tell us the one time and not get naggy please. 6 - Instant promotion bonus can easily help keep the game alive. Play around with the balance on how many gems to dole out and figure out a comfortable risk/reward and put this in the game. 7 - see all gang builds - Yes - We can help give advice and feedback to make the gang more successful with more information. Do that. 8 - I can totally see that button ending up under someones muscle memory and accidentally selling parts. I would rather see an option under the inventory to flag parts you want to sell, then have a button to sell selections, then a confirmation/review page "Are you sure?" so you can glance over your selections and make sure you're not selling something by accident. 9 - new bonus for new weapons / tools - like stronger mini guns and longer lasting harpoons? I'm in. 10 - have wheels do more than health - Yes, but after the toolbox cap. A good list of suggestions, my only concern would be selling that box of parts I wanted. Can you imagine opening a legendary box and then someone nudges your elbow accidentally and you lose that legendary big foot with 120% heath to titans? I'd be devastated!
  15. I expect it's a fail safe for kicking bots out that are grinding the game. But ... What point is there in a 6 hour bot grind anymore? Quick fights only give boxes and crowns on boxes, so 60 wins is the max you need, I can knock that out my self in a few minutes, less than 30 mins and way less than 6 hours. Ultimate fights have a 5 ticket limit. Thrashing through the championship for 6 hours gives no benefit. Gang Fights only go up to 10 before you need to spend gems to refresh ... There is no reason to use a bot for long duration. At least give human beings who can and want to play for extended periods of time an option to prove they're human somehow. Instead of a captcha, maybe something like an image of a random build and then a collection of parts and the easy challenge of "Can you create the build pictured with the parts provided?". It's a little quick mini-game style captcha, and then the player can go for another 6 hours. It doesn't happen often, and should probably be left in if the game changes in a way that bots could once again exploit, but give the humans a chance to enjoy themselves.