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  1. When i connected wirh google play games i connected with my correct gmail account and i lost all my progress weapona chassis etc. please i want to contact zeptolab i want to know what email or phone number to restore my current save
  2. why the zeptolab team does not remove the halloween the halloween is already over will stay until december in december it's christmas and not halloween and it takes time for the halloween to be removed
  3. i recommended to install apkpure app https://apkpure.com/apkpure-app.html?icn=aegon&ici=image_home or install directly https://apkpure.com/cats-crash-arena-turbo-stars/com.zeptolab.cats.google how to install 1. go to your phone settings 2. go to security 3. enable unknown sources enjoy!
  4. When i edit my character This bug happens i dont know that
  5. hi i typed the name as wrong the corrent name is "bobby" and i typed "bobny" i want to change my name thanks EDIT: there's is no option to change name in game options
  6. i'm american and there is only english from united kingdom in the game