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  1. Stun gun sounds right yes, I see players have that weapon all the time for the last months 🤔
  2. How come the poison needle weapon isn’t available without paying for them still? It’s really starting to annoy me encountering all these players with poison needle without having the option to use one my self, it’s way to op to. When will it come out in public? All weapons should become available in normal loot boxes eventually, it’s only fair
  3. I only got to exchange 100 of my skill points, I would like to use the rest
  4. What’s the highest prestige you can get? I’m at 59 and I wanna know if I’m getting close to max prestige
  5. When will the game get more skills? I have over 200 skill points I can’t use on anything
  6. Wow that’s 3 times more than me, are you over 40 prestige?
  7. That would be a good idea tho, or at least letting us sell skill points. Feels so weird having 204 skills points just sitting there I mean, there isn’t even a skill that improves the minngun
  8. I’m looking for players that’s active daily Gang ID: Kardinal Venom#142 As im posting this there’s 9 available spots. I will update as people join No prestige requirement, just that you are active daily
  9. I’m looking for players that’s active daily Gang ID: Kardinal Venom#142. As im posting this there’s 10 available spots. I will update as people join
  10. If I set the requirement to 1 prestige in my gang, does that mean that no one below that prestige wiii be able to join? And does current players in my gang that’s below prestige 1 get automatic kicked out?
  11. Now one with 7500 power. This isn’t fair. Why have these bots out there just to mess with us? Grr
  12. These bots are really starting to annoy me Iike what the heck, 6000 power?!
  13. But how do we get the parts?
  14. How do we get the new Christmas ultimate parts? I already see people with two weapons at once and double rockets. I’ve gotten none of these and when is the Christmas event starting?
  15. That’s weird, I wanted to correct some spelling errors
  16. How do I edit my comment?
  17. Gang ID: KARDINAL VENOM #142 Requirement: 10.000 points Language: English Looking for players that can contribute trophies towards each gang chest per cycle. I’m currently at prestige 2 with 432016 raring. Been playing daily for the last 3 months, I started my group about a month ago. I would like people who do gang fights as often as they so we can get as many trophies as possible. I’ve been kicking a lot of members because they weren’t doing gang fights so there’s plenty of space in the group now I wait until at least 72 hours before I decide if I kick someone, if that person hasn’t gotten a single trophy throughout the run