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  1. Alright, I found the counter myself, the flying boulder is the counter of FS+TM Laser.
  2. Game play video, looks how EZ to win with this build. 10000+ damage opponent even be squishy.
  3. For now, it's a too strong weapon I can't easily counter. Especially when it equipped Frost Sprinkler. When I use this build, it seems no other build can easily counter me. When I meet other player use the FS + TM Laser, I can't beat it with these weapons. Dragon bombs (X) Rocket (X) Other Laser (X) Flamethrower (X) Gatling gun (X) Death Ray (X) Skeleton Scream (X) Shotgun Cannon (X) Flue (X) Chainsaw (X) Blade (X) Energy Shield (X) I always get 2 shots and instantly lose, until I use the same FS+TM Laser build, seems like I need to endure 5x of laser damage or I will easily lose. (3850 x 5 = 19250 damage) Energy Shield is the only way to counter Laser, but it can be frozen. and it can be blinded. WHY!! Suggestion : 1. Make Energy Shield can parry Frost Sprinkler and can't be blinded. 2. Set TM Laser's Power from 10 to 15, because it has blind effect so it should need more power than other lasers.
  4. Its been a long time no change for stickers. But I still want to collect all of them. So I request to remake sticker system. New sticker system Idea: (Remove old stickers from the car after new sticker system arrived.) 1. Stickers no longer can be looted from promotion of championship. 2. New Sticker gallery! You can buy some sticker by money, but some sticker require gems. (just as hat and cloth gallery) 3. You can't sell sticker anymore. Sticker disappears after you discard the sticker. 4. You can grab sticker from the sticker gallery. You can paste the same sticker to 3 cars. 5. Every car can only equip 6 stickers. (Prevent player pastes all stickers in one car)
  5. Because..........Fashion When you dressed a car with a funny fashion , you will feel more happy than nothing on it. (However, not everyone like fashion) I also hate the moment that all stickers disappeared from prestiging. I hope sticker won't disappear like hats, cat skins, and suits.
  6. They don't seems to increase box reward. Then you need to win more gang fight. At least, they release "Movie" reward so you can wait the movie reward swap to a surfer, movie lady will give you the surfer directly. They are really trying to add more ways to get parts.
  7. 2018/11/20 Weird bug after I update the game. Now every cat display shocking face after match is over. 😂
  8. Blowing Fan can resemble a Dutch Windmill. New Car : Dutch Windmill No wheels. A car never move, it standing still all the time. Add new Blowing Fan effect : 1. Increase the fly speed of your rocket, dragon bombs, icy ball inside your wind. 2. Increase the effect distance of your shotgun pellet and flamethrower's flame inside your wind.
  9. Just some random idea. Name: Blowing Fan Type: Ultimate Gadget. Effect : 1. Blow away dragon bombs, icy balls, flue smoke. 2. Slowdown rockets, shotgun pellets. ================================================================= Name : ZaptoLab Flask Gun. Type: Ultimate Weapon Effect : Fire once, spread a toxic and sticky liquid, create a sticky pools that trapped the wheels, and dealing toxic damage until match ended. ================================================================= Name: Landmine launcher. Type: Ultimate weapon. Effect: Launch a landmine and it will stick to the ground, if enemy's wheel touch it, after a short delay it will explode and blow the opponent into air vertically.
  10. (wrong category, oops)
  11. Imagining boomerang era. Builds: 3 Boomerangs Whale 2 Boomerangs + Medkit Whale.
  12. OKAY Homing weapon + double damage. NO MORE GADGET JUST SPAM 3 BOOMERANGS TO WIN Feeding it with a lot of attack toolbox, exploding damage.
  13. I believe I will build 3 boomerangs Whale, fear not lifter users. Beware, lifter users. Prepare your grave. RIP Classic (used to flip opponent) RIP Lifter (used to flip opponent) RIP Forklift (used to flip opponent)
  14. It will ruin the balance because you can't counter Boomerang users by lifter and forklift. Lifter and Forklift become useless when everyone use Boomerang, thanks ZeptoLab.
  15. Sorry I dig that Ancient post caused my Question doesn't got replied. Okay, let's start my discussion: Now Magic Toolbox come really. But does it worth to buy it? Because minor league's parts won't stay longer with you, they can be overdue very fast. But I wonder what bonus it will give? Its effect is Global Bonus? (+WheelHP, +BodyHP, +GadgetHP, +WeaponAtk, +Atk when Equipped, +HP when Equipped) If yes I suggest to use it on : 1. Wheel (BodyHP or GadgetHP) 2. Lifter (WeaponAtk or BodyHP or WheelHP) 3. Shotgun (BodyHP or GadgetHP) 4. Blade (BodyHP or GadgetHP) 5. Harpoon (WeaponAtk or BodyHP or WheelHP) 6. BackPadel (WeaponAtk) 7. Body (WheelHP) Q&A - When should I buy Magic toolbox? A: Maybe...... earlier stage like wood and steel, it's very helpful when you have +60% BodyHP knots, in later stages, if you loot a max stars body of the stage, you can instantly gain +120%HP by equipping two +60% BodyHP wooden-knots.