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  1. Or Nox App for PC.
  2. Therefore I believe they won't do anything to this FlueFreezer build, because the counter exists. So take a deep breath and give up the current build and start to build the FlueFreezer-Counter build or FlueFreezer build. It will become a new age, FlueFreezer mains and FlueFreezer-counter mains. Just like lifter in Minor League, it's strong enough to kill so many play-styles, and it becomes Lifter mains and Lifter-counter mains now. (Blade or shotgun) (Currently I main Lifter-Counter builds , a Whale equipped one HP blade and 2 miniguns)
  3. Therefore you have to change any strategy when your destiny changes anytime. Depend on what part you got in this stage, don't force yourself "must play melee" all the time. It will waste more time. Before I loot this perfect pyramid I used to play 2 lifters boulder, and recently I can't get a new boulder with the same slots, fortunately I got that perfect pyramid so I promote to carbon-2. Strategy change fast, sometimes melee, sometimes ranged, and sometimes 2 lifters. It's better to save some harpoon, lifter that have key bonus you need. Also, if you take too much time at leveling up your parts, you can watch this experience tip : Experience Tips : if you feed Lvl-1 part with higher Lvl + 10% bonus, this Lvl-1 get more exp than you feed high Lvl with Lvl-1 parts.
  4. I think straight melee is okay at the slots problem, you just need to pay more time to get the perfect car. This is my perfect car slots for melee build It's weak now because my pyramid is gold-2 and I am in carbon-1 ,It's hard to loot a better one. Even my tiles are gold-5 tiles, but it give less health than one +120% bonus gold-5 main body so I have low health problem now. (easy to get 2-shots) Straight Melee + Blade + Harpoon is my favorite melee build. Tips: Give all damage toolboxes to blade, CP is high. If you use toolboxes on straight melees, CP will be low. Equip a +60% or +120% blade bonus Harpoon. Pro: When your car is tanky and you can endure 2 shots, you will win because you finished him by your straight melee before enemy prepare his 3rd rocket shot. Con: 1. If your car is in low health, you lose very easily to rocket that enough to 2 shot you. 2. You can't equip 2 straight melee because the Lifter exist, you must equip one blade to counter Lifter. Therefore you lose the Synergy buff. 3. You need to find a new car of current stage because your old melee winner will have low health problem because it's not easy to loot a higher health one with the same slots. 4. Shotgun is annoying, really. I agree something need a buff or nerf: 1. Toolboxes, always flat bonuses ruin the balance. 2. Harpoon, it need longer effect time to counter Shotgun more, it also need a large pull force.
  5. In fact I like Magic Toolbox replaces the Attack/Health Toolbox because it fairly increase the percentage of attack/health. Weapons that get high CP when it uses flat damage toolboxes : 1. Blade 2. Laser 3. Rocket and Double-Rocket Weapons that get low CP when it uses flat damage toolboxes : 1. Chainsaw 2. Drill 3. Stinger 4. Minigun 5. Shotgun
  6. So maybe your girlfriend use.....uh......coding app..
  7. @Benya Upper picture is the Bonus from the Event "C.A.T.S Anniversary" , it's a limited time event, so you won't see these for now. Downer Picture, I don't know, maybe it's another item from special event, they can't obtain now.
  8. Watch my Signature and you will realize why ZeptoLab shouldn't add cooldown toolboxes.
  9. My Boulder
  10. Mine Mine
  11. This event is too exciting, I love the battleground variants: hills, valley, low gravity. Please make this event to be a weekly event (1 week per 2 weeks) Hills give melee better chance to punish rocket users. Valley change a lot of strategies too. No-wall + low gravity punishing flying boulders. You have to build your team wisely, not just spam op Whales or op Carriage.
  12. Oh , finally its back
  13. To GreedyCat, Without ADs' help, my promotion of minor league will become 50% slower, that's not funny. If they really want to remove ADs, please increase the wood crate reward from 4 to 8 parts and steel crate reward from 8 to 14 parts. Now ZeptoLab isn't helping Minor League, they only helping Ultimate League..........
  14. After the update, my crates no longer has "Watch ADs" option, did they disappeared in this patch? I will quit this game if I can't shorten the crate unlocking by watching ADs anymore.
  15. oh really. Same Pyramid Lover But you use wrong weapon combo. (Unfortunate I am in gold 3 and this car is military 5 so it has lower health but it can bust 100% lifter users.)