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  1. Gem cheats are injurious to players as well as company.
  2. Yup. I purchased it. It pop up when I run updated app. After that it was in buy menu. Yes 47 hours . I don't know that 48hours timer is different for all or same. BTW check out support for the issue.
  3. I don't know but comparing this pack with clash royale special pack I think engineer pack will be there again in future but not so soon.
  4. Yes . If anyone is going to buy gems better get this pack. There will be sales in future.So it's best to buy in these type of sales. You just have to buy engineer pack in 40 hours. "Special packs are mostly one time purchase in mobo games "
  5. Anyone got this box? Why ? How? When ?
  6. Yes but I am not from US I just have US ID for transaction and to play beta games (they usually launch in us first sometime Canada Australia). It's one time purchase in 40 hours .
  7. It's in the update. Check your App Store now.
  8. Is that one time purchase?
  9. Agreed.I guess there will be new leagues in future and they will put better prize for high league players. for now getting legendary box is great . Something out of it will help in the game.
  10. Lol Bets. 51 % time 10% win even more than million bets on 6% with thinking but luck matters. There was one bet where 10% was having rocket and laser. 6% was having 3 rocket with high DPS. 3 hit killer. But what the laser was so high than rocket that it taken the rival in a shot . Adding 2 rockets which dealt low dents on rival.
  11. What happen to forum ranks? Everyone is pilot in my screen. It was fun to be kitten . Btw any news of next update?
  12. I think you got the answer.
  13. All I get :- Legendary Legendary Legenday Classic ,Drill,Big Foot,Stinger.. One classic has stinger bonus and one stinger has classic bonus but stinger point is on the butt of classic. So my luck is worst on getting stuff. But my luck work when I make something worst than my previous vehicle and when I battle I will get 2-3 extra win .
  14. Yeah. 3 times in a row the 10% bonus bet won. I lost 50+ gems to get back my stuff. In one battle the side machine killed the car and i lost.