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  1. Best active gang in the UK I kick dead players so always active gang fights are a must city kings are optional but chat is mandatory we are looking for decent players newbies are welcome too as long as you're ACTIVE your welcome
  2. How about.a bonus log in as I'm fed up with players in my gang not logging in for days spoils gang fights so either daily log in bonus or at least something to keep them coming back every day 2 hr boxes are not enough
  3. UK active only are recruiting for 2019 we only want Active players no longer lvl cap anyone reading this is welcome to apply
  4. All good thanks do u want to join our gang
  5. We have 1 slot left we are 🇬🇧 UKactiveonly entry prestige lvl 2 District 6 lvl 39 kotc
  6. UKactiveonly We are recruiting new gang members District 30 kotc lvl1 prestige needed
  7. Ours is the most active
  8. UKactiveonly Are recruiting new gang members
  9. Join UKACTIVEONLY Min prestige lvl1
  10. I am on everyday so there is allways someone to talk to Kotc gang fights the lot
  11. Join us
  12. Join us msg me here and I'll make a space on the team
  13. We are a new gang that is already making a scene on gang fights as well as kotc We are all active and in discord too
  14. Can you send me a mug or invite as team is full at the moment Full time player
  15. Active player