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  1. A city in china !! I dont know much about any city there but they have a lot of chinese players, so... why not ?
  2. Cmon, prestige requirement is negotiable as long as you re active in-game and be social in discord Great community awaits you on Discord. There are more to this game than you see on your device.
  3. It is fun in our discord server, Even if you re not looking for any gang, come and chill out with us in our lounge.
  4. We are still have open slot for social and active player who has minimal Prestige5 and Silver Ultimate League. You love CK and want to get the most of it ? Join us ! Please visit our website
  5. Let me tell u a story about our leader. Once our tiger ask God mercy for skip a CK match. God forgive him and the next day, ZakAttack kick him out of our gang.
  6. really want to call Nita but i dont get her number Zak
  7. Up
  8. It's my nap time, will b online in 8 hours and Ill keep up with this thread. Thx alot!
  9. Yes they fixed it
  10. Fixed, just let me know if i can b in ur gang. Thx
  11. Is there any slot available for me Zak ? Already browse through your website and i think i could fit in your gank. P6 and in gold league and most important im active in chat when online. I love my current gang but most of the member are what u called 'Ronin' in CK. Im looking for more 'serious' gang. Note: I'll b available after they fixed all of this iOS crash madness.
  12. Yes, everyone i know running on iOS 11.2.6/11.3 experience this bug but i didnt know if creating new id would fix that and who would want to lose all the progress anyway ? I contacted support and all they said is that they aware of this issue and 'working hard' to fix it. The same thing said over n over everytime I post a problem. Lets just hope they fix it before the anniversary event over, I havent open that anniversary box ^^
  13. I was on iOS 11.2.6 with same problem. Upgrade to 11.3 doesnt fix it.
  14. Same over here on iphone x ios 11.3