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  1. It is possible. Ya put a sword sticker and then put a bacon on top. Understand now? (at the end: )
  2. I believe 9,999,999 is the maximum rating you can get if he can't continue. Cheats maybe? Or skills? But it is the highest rating ever.
  3. The most efficient way is to use it for bets so you can get parts with a bonus up to 60%.
  4. Yeah, I really want a new game mode. Catonator was introduced perhaps that is a new game mode. Can't wait to see. Love the idea of guild mode. Keep it up!
  5. Maybe your provider disables ads. Try using wifi or try changing your location because some locations get more ads than others.
  6. Play quick battles, get boxes, and wait until the boxes are finished opening. Then you should get a good part for you to beat your championship.
  7. That is already in the game with the support of Facebook. You can battle them but it is only if you have Facebook. It's a nice feature after the clans update is released, so you can search players that are your friends so that they can see your info and join your clan or chat with them.
  8. It is too, congrats on the achievement.
  9. Yep, Boulder is a good body.
  10. It is a good idea to add chat to the game. Except it will be more useful for clans in the future updates so that you can communicate with your clan members.
  11. Yes, if you tap "bet" and then choose a part that you want to be in the bet.
  12. Sorry that you are experiencing these issues. Are you sure you are not using any simulator like BlueStacks because CATS tends to crash on the program? If not, contact ZeptoLabs customer support to troubleshoot your problem.
  13. Ah, okay. Looks good!
  14. Always, when I tie with someone (sometimes more people) I get brought up to the top.
  15. You lose everything, including your stickers (this is why I sell them) except your rating, gems, and skills.