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  1. ...yeah so apparently I can't edit my post once I found out you guys aren't handled by EA - I got trolled... oh well... but my analysis still stands.
  2. ...aaaand it seems my source was wrong, Zepto isn't with EA. Got trolled...
  3. Where?
  4. Here's how it works: The betting feature is a cash grabber for EA/Zepto. It's a lure to improve your parts, and they know you're going to pull out your wallet and spend real money to get your improved parts back if you lose. I used the betting feature once or twice, lost my parts, and never bet again.
  5. Unbalanced. Can't beat the current car I'm up against (It's got laser and accessory that bumps attacking cars back) with the cars that are handed out. Basically, it's broken. I came back after a two year break to find it's even more of a money grab than it was when I left the first time.
  6. This game used to be fun before you guys (EA) got your hands on it. Now it's terribly unbalanced and nearly impossible to progress as before without spending gems. It's become a repetitive grind. I took a break from the game for 2 years and came back, and it's even worse now. You picked up a game with a great playerbase, great idea, and converted it from a fun game into something that feels more like a job than a game. Your Grand Prix idea is interesting but the current car I'm up against is impossible to beat with the cars you hand out, and when I say impossible, I mean it, and you know it too. I quit the clan, and I'm quitting the game again. Maybe before I try your game again you'll fix it so it's more fun again. When a game ceases being fun, I dump it, and find a better game developer/company to support.
  7. And this is why I keep getting disappointed and don't want to play any more mobile games. You invest time in a game that's fun and then they come along with a heavy hand and wreck it, because of greed. I was prestige 8 and about to head into P9. Same thing happened with the last MMO I played, except the company was absolutely scummy and it was a clone of another popular game to begin with. If EA is the new boss we all might as well kiss CATS goodbye, because we already know what's going down based on their MO.
  8. You had a good game model here before the update. You should have just opened up 10 more prestige levels and not even bothered with this ultimate league thing. 1. You took the option of getting legendary parts from free boxes? Fail. 2. You created a new tournament mode that is expensive and limited. Fail. 3. You removed the league. Fail. 3 strikes, you're out. Already uninstalled. Won't be coming back. Greedy developers broke the game.