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  1. I will uninstall if this doesn't get fixed.. It's not fun anymore.
  2. This is exactly what im talking about zeptolabs. This is really not cool.
  3. The save points option using gem when you die in ultimate league is @#$! click bait. "Conveniently" placed at the same space where the "OK" button is for other screens. You dont how much gems I wasted clicking that by accident. We already get fewer gems to begin with. Add more gem reward honestly before I can save up 300-400 gems now I never see a profit. Honestly increase fem reward and fox this stupid button. It's click bait.
  4. We also need the ability to save build set ups and better organization of items classified per type and star level. This makes it easier to play with different builds. As of now it's a big hassle. My gf quit playing because of this organizational problem. It's such a mess I feel better everytime I sell 80% of my inventory. Not for the money but it saves me a a headache lol. Really ability to save builds will be a great improvement.
  5. 1) Ad continuously freezes or pauses and continues later on. Sometimes it crashes. Nothing to do with connection. A 30 second ad becomes 1 minute 30. 2) need to add a grind option like the coin grind before. This way players can enjoy and keep playing the game while waiting for maxxed starred boxes. 3) can we lower the wait times on super boxes. 4) Give more gem reward. And decrease the gem prices in ultimate league. 5) loot needs improvement. Too much garbage parts. I'm in for example 3 star gold league. And still getting 4 star military parts. ****6)**** this game was great when it was pay for convenience. Right now it's basically pay to win. Need to bring it back to before. Anything that can be accessed by paying such as a classic with 2 weapon slots and 1 gadget slot should also be accessible by a free player through dedication. 7) ultimate league has potential but right now it's taking too much from what made this game, game of the year. Need to balance both. Ultimate League should not be the focus. Seriously... 8) clan vs clan competition would be nice. Of course with great rewards. And don't add a gem option to make it a sure win for rich players with no skill. It has to be fair so all players get a feeling of involvement and achievement. Adding a pay option to get advantage in a clan vs clam war takes away from the game and becomes a who can spend more game. That's not cats at all.
  6. This game has really gone to shits.. loot is so bad.. i cant even get a decent surfer now..
  7. I really like it. Its indeed a great approach in gaming
  8. Lmao
  9. I think you're in the wrong forums my friend. That, or someone put something bad in your ginger bread cookies. Lol
  10. I agree. Since 2 updates ago, i felt a marked drop in loot quality. I took a pic of my machines from the map from 1 - 24 before my first prestige and my machines right according to my stage. I.e. 4 star machine on a 4 star stage. Now I find forcing my metal to military and military to gold. Its evident also when you open boxes. Its almost impossible getting an item similar to your star level. E.g. 4 star minigun during 4 star military. It's a bit disheartening. Im glad im not the only who feels it.
  11. Does anyone know if you can get 2 weapon slots and 1 tool slot on a whale? Without buying and paying of course.. Just wit regular means..
  12. Christmas parts are so weak and useless
  13. Physics changed also since xmas update. Its more likely now to stay in the arena. Ive been cheesing my opponents with it.
  14. its at 0%. if you're still trying to make one, copy the build and experiment to see what works.
  15. They say a long summer will bring about an even longer winter. Winter has COOM!!!