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  1. This is a massive fail
  2. 300 gems for revealing opponent hahaha
  3. Hi all i conducted an experiment during the last 10 days. I counted the number of bots in quick fights. Here are the results: out of 732 fights, 709 of the opponents were robots, a percentage of 97% Have the recent changes really reduced human players so much?
  4. Cash Always Turns Sour
  5. Thank you Dabs. So, going back to the topic, let me say again that camping is the ONLY option to receive parts that correspond to the stage I’m at. If I try to progress I will never have good parts for my stage. This means I will have to pay to progress. As I said in the past I am usually very keen to buy gems or whatever developers are selling because I want them to stay in business. BUT I don’t like being forced. I paid ZeptoLab a fair amount of money before they changed the game, they made a mistake by being so greedy so now I will not pay again. Happy camping!
  6. Back off bully, I am not getting into any dialogue with people like you. Back off. Action against bullying.
  7. You are rude and a bully and shouldn’t be allowed to talk in this forum
  8. Sorry guys but camping is the perfect strategy for what this game has become. The parts you get by winning quick fights or going through stages are ridiculously weak. Before I decided to start camping I was almost at the last stage of a “colour” (let’s say green) and would still get blue parts! This is absolutely ridiculous. So, I will camp as much as is needed for me to get the parts that correspond to my stage. For example, if I am at stage 14 I will camp until I start getting 5 star green parts. Before I get these, I am not moving on.
  9. Eneida Munford
  10. Why are the big machines so borning that I just let tickets burn without a care? Why is that section so uninteresting? Please Zeptolab, delete the big machines. Fail Fast
  11. Maybe it worked for them and they are making a lot of money. In my opinion though they tried to cash in too early and too clumsily. Even if short term results are good, they will regret it medium to long term. They could have made more money if they were smarter, let’s put it this way.
  12. Is Pamelia Frey the most popular bot name or is it Nicolaidis? What do you think?
  13. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t
  14. Don’t get me wrong, I am still trying for higher prestige and in gang fights, however I do not spend a lot of time on it because it makes no difference. So, spending one hour in a day compared to spending three hours, for example, is absolutely the same in terms of results. It makes no difference because of the horrible parts you’re getting by playing.
  15. 4*2.5= ... ?