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  1. Why are the big machines so borning that I just let tickets burn without a care? Why is that section so uninteresting? Please Zeptolab, delete the big machines. Fail Fast
  2. Maybe it worked for them and they are making a lot of money. In my opinion though they tried to cash in too early and too clumsily. Even if short term results are good, they will regret it medium to long term. They could have made more money if they were smarter, let’s put it this way.
  3. Is Pamelia Frey the most popular bot name or is it Nicolaidis? What do you think?
  4. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t
  5. Don’t get me wrong, I am still trying for higher prestige and in gang fights, however I do not spend a lot of time on it because it makes no difference. So, spending one hour in a day compared to spending three hours, for example, is absolutely the same in terms of results. It makes no difference because of the horrible parts you’re getting by playing.
  6. 4*2.5= ... ?
  7. Yep, a shame because it has so much potential
  8. Unfortunately not. Boxes used to be good but now they worth noth8ng. The reason is, the developer is trying to make you buy gems.
  9. No, you will keep changing cars as you progress. Keep the power boxes because you will find a car that you like but it will be low on power.
  10. Robots. Note: since the latest version there are a lot of robots with just one front wheel. Not sure why. Probably a glitch in the robot generating code.
  11. After the amazing new version, the optimum way to play the game has changed. This is because: 1. You never get exciting parts from boxes 2. You earn very few diamonds for your effort So how can you enjoy the game nowadays? Well... you must play a lot less. After the changes I stopped being an active customer who bought most of the special offers and now do the following: 1. I’ve downloaded two new games to keep me busy whilst waiting 2. I never buy diamonds any more 3. I play the big machines whenever I have some tickets but not seriously because it’s a money making con 4. I camp. Why not? It’s not that I’ll get better parts if I promote 5. I’m using ads to open boxes whilst I’m doing something else, like reading or watching TV I’m still enjoying the game, but I cannot put some serious effort into it because of the crappy parts and minuscule progress opportunities. It has now become a filler between other games I enjoy more. I highly recommend the above tactics if you are also disappointed by the enjoyment/effort current ratio. If that changes, if again we can get more rewards by putting time into the game then yes, I’ll be more active. For now I’m just lounging.
  12. If I may... The big car league is too easy. People can estimate whether they can win the next opponent or not. Why don’t you set some traps, where a completely inconspicuous opponent with lower life and lower firepower suddenly wins by some unexplainable freak accident. Or even better, your car and his kinda topple in the middle of the ring and the closing gates reach you first by a split second. You know. Spice things up.
  13. Well, clearly the Halloween experiment was a success and helped them decide to launch the new game. By success I mean they saw gem consumption going through the roof. So now they made it a game feature with the big machines. If gem consumption increases without losing lots of players, they will keep it and develop it further. If it increases temporarily but then drops because people get angry, they will quickly fold the big machines. There is nothing the 3 or 4 people talking in this forum can do. It’s all about whether by introducing the big machines they are making more money. Fair enough, only I won’t be paying any...
  14. In my personal experience, this makes little difference