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  1. 😂 i just started the game only to discover that there are a few “special offers”, 70% off some big machines tickets and a thousand gems 😆 Very strategic
  2. They fixed in a 3 hours, amazing
  3. “Subtle variations” that was 🤣 hilarious
  4. Waiting for 3 days is “strategic”
  5. Kings of city boring repetition: 1. Build the same machines for one millionth time 2. Attack warehouse 1, make three attacks 3. Do other things 4. Some time later make another one or two or three attacks 5. Do other things 6. Start again Yawn
  6. Kings City strategy: ”attack arena 1 & 2” ”OK”
  7. New parts 😂 this thread is getting ever more hilarious
  8. Finer points of strategy? 🤣 I love the fine point where you build the same car every day
  9. The problem is that it is so mind numbingly boring. And the poor devs have been working on it for 9 months. Does anyone care about them?
  10. Six fights, wow 😮
  11. You have to build the same machines every day again and again and again and again ....
  12. Every day you have to build the same boring machine for two or three ultimate boring attacks. Why is that mode so mind numbing boring?
  13. This is a massive fail
  14. 300 gems for revealing opponent hahaha
  15. Hi all i conducted an experiment during the last 10 days. I counted the number of bots in quick fights. Here are the results: out of 732 fights, 709 of the opponents were robots, a percentage of 97% Have the recent changes really reduced human players so much?