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  1. Haha... i didnt realize it was an old thread... it showed at the top of my list... My apologies if i got your attention... i just used this again 5 minutes ago... works fine on my end. cheers!
  2. This is true, i get huge streaks the same way... use a wooden frame with a weapon slot at the far front and mount a minigun... about 50% of your opponants will be around the same strength as your championship level, the other 50% will be bots (with roughly the same health and power)... your minigun will always shoot first, killing with one shot (if at least your attack/health ration is way above 5... you can reach this around military stages). Dont use wheels, you dont want to move forward to meet your opponants bullit... this is an easy fast way to get crowns on all your chests... the money used in skipping is less than what you get out of the chests... my record is close to 1000 streak.... finally you will meet someone just like you, and luck decides who survives...
  3. I dont believe that the new event will be similar to the haloween event... it would be awesome, but since they called the red crate reward a christmas event i just expect someting similar... probably yellow crates... i earned so many gems during haloween... after all the latest changes in the gem departement i do not think they will be as generous again...
  4. The easiest solution in my opinion is rewarding the opponent with a medal if you lose from them while attacking... if a camper has a much stronger build he will automaticly get enough medals when others attack them leading to a promotion after two days... if they dont want this promotion they will use a crappy build... just like we want them to... this also solves the problem where players enter 15 mins before the championship ends to get medals by using different builds... the best overall builds will be rewarded...
  5. Same here... i do a lot of quick fights to put crowns on my chests... but it just ends up with getting the minimum level parts you can get.. not even good enough to upgrade your other parts... Before a crown often got you a part one level higher then your championship level, but these days seem to be over after the last update... i liked the ultimate battles, but they seem pointless now, constantly fighting the same opponents. I gets pretty easy to predict if you will win the match. I would like to get rewards for my normal cars, or gems. Now the only reason to play the ultimate battles is to play more ultimate battles... i seem to be one of the lucky few that can watch ads unlimited... problem is that i play the game to much... i rather lose some ads and gain some higher level parts from the chests. in the gang battles i would like the opponents level to be determent by your starting level instead of your current level. I play like crazy to win championships to get acces to better parts to be able to defeat my 9th opponent, just to get a 10th opponent that is again 4 levels higher than you, it should be just 1 level higher than the previous ooponent... thanks!
  6. How does the global leaderboard work? My ultimate competition is over, and resting for a day. I cannot gain these purple points now. Yet i still see the guys in the leaderboard climbing on... how is this possible...? when i get a crown btw in quick fights it shows a purple cat... but always 0... is something wrong with my account, or will you get these purple points when you have a streak of 100+...?
  7. Same here... got really bored at 10-24... finally back in action...!
  8. Tony expired...