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  1. I already did
  2. Those Ultimate parts are all either Superior or Refined, which are the two rarest part grades. They're really hard to find, and most people have not been able to get them out of boxes, just out of the guaranteed ones in Mew York. Honestly, they aren't too crazy and you can usually beat them with something else, provided you have similar stats.
  3. Of course it's expired, the code was out over 7 months ago :P.
  4. Good post (I'm all for adding people on the Discord), but you seem to have mistakenly put it in the off topic section.
  5. I mean, you're bound to get garbage until you finally get something great. But, here's a nice question to think about. If everyone only gets garbage parts, are they really garbage? If you only get terrible parts (and everyone else does), are they terrible parts or just normal parts? But anyways the re usability of accessory and wheel legendaries are great; if you get a really good one early on you can use it the entire way through the prestige.
  6. Those people hardly obstruct the game. The ones at stage 24 you can just prestige through and nothing will happen to you, other than impossible gang fights. And the most health on one vehicle is somewhere around like 30 million I think :P.
  7. Hmm. Seems like something that I kinda want to figure out. There are a lot of things that you can test. Anyone also willing to try to find out?
  8. Hey, I think you're in the wrong forum. This is the CATS forum, which means that it's for CATS things. I can't help you here, (and a lot of people can't) because I don't play King of Thieves.
  9. I find it hard to believe that you're that low statted. If you were that low in stats, then how'd you get past stage 21? Also, 300k health and damage is a lot more than you need to prestige. I prestiged with an 150k health 100k damage bot.
  10. Well, if everyone who doesn't spend gets crap parts, then all of the non-spenders have equal parts, right? And as most people don't spend, are you actually getting crap parts? You don't have to spend money. You're gonna get over that stage no matter what. Just do your fights, and don't complain, because everyone gets the same star rewards.
  11. It's been said by one of the mods (I think it was Taken) that you can't get a legendary part that is your level or one level lower from winning the tenth gang fight.
  12. They're pretty rare, but you can get them if your gang is in district 6 (you get it in between the two, for the knob), or in district 8 (for the roller).
  13. Wild West Coach? Or the UFO? You get UFO in between districts 8-9 You get the Coach in between districts 4-5 And you can get them from boxes; they're just super rare.
  14. You get these mostly from luck whenever you get parts. You can get every single part in any kind of box, it's just that some of them are extremely rare, like the whale.
  15. I also made an outline for it, type in Ctrl + Alt + A to make it easier to navigate.