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  1. Hi Venus! Nice to hear from someone in Zepto not named Chervey. To specifically answer your question about localization; it’s fine. You must excuse Phil, he’s the leader of a gang and is responsible for keeping his team motivated in very unmotivating times. I can’t speak for everyone but I will say that it feels like your official forum is void of actual Zepto operators and it has been this way for too long. I personally don’t want to see one rant dissuade you from popping on more frequently. You and Chervey are the only window we have for change. Chervey is great and fights for us even though he’s cast with the shadow of being the Evil Empire. With that said, I’m sure you’re aware of the frustrations that plague the game today. What’s most pressing is the broken, grossly flawed, matchmaking update. The idea is great, the execution is terrible. Please stop in more frequently and discuss this with us and we will do our best to keep our emotions in check. Kind Regards, Guardian
  2. Pretty much everything you mentioned is common in most games spread across all plateforms. You play long enough you’ll come accross it. Let’s just say it’s “par for the course,” especially in higher competition gaming. Whats not common is developers habitually rolling out incomplete, broken major updates. We should of had some hot fixes already for solving the KOTC reward crates not being awarded correctly. Most definitely should of heard an official response from Zepto regarding the broken matchmaking. Lance, in the end, you’re right. People will leave when they feel they are ignored and there’s no fix in sight. Just don’t believe the old system was great either. But clearly, it’s better than the current one.... because it’s broken! Teams shouldn’t be facing each other every other war and gangs shouldn’t be waiting 72 hours + to find matches. This does make for an unbalanced system.
  3. Wow holy crap, 3 days? Sigh...... there’s very little that you and I agree on but this matchmaking is so flawed. Initially, I loved the new matchmaking system because the fascination of facing other comparable competition is how the game is suppose to be played. AKA- playoffs, finals etc etc. But today marks the 5th time since the update that Russian Elite has faced the Chinese gang. Hardly a good system in place. Now to find out there’s gangs waiting 72 hours + to find matches? Sheesh! Im all for long matchmaking, quite honestly I love the breaks. I would be all for an every other day schedule for KOTC. This would allow for the system to appropriately match gangs from a pool of all gangs since everyone would be waiting to find a war at once. With some built in conditions in the algorithm, such as not pairing up gangs that have played each other already within the week. Not sure going back to the old system is the answer either. It’s just easy for most to want the old since the new is hot garbage. Just baffles me that the quality of product per update isn’t refined more before its release. This situation isn’t an abnormality, it’s the norm with this company.
  4. Don’t believe it’s IOS related. I’m running two different versions on my iPad, phone, and now tried to login on an android. It’s somehow account related which is weird. I can play the tutorial starting a new account on any device, once I attempt to load my real account it goes into boot mode again. As another posted mentioned above, I was fine for several hours after the latest update, then out of the blue I’m crashing at the load screen. Im sure it will be worked out soon- just wanted to share that it doesn’t look to be IOS related.
  5. Why don’t you advertise your gang on discord, more users there than there are here.
  6. Wow you went overboard with the details of your gang requirements. Thorough post 👌.
  7. Well played.
  8. Who the hell are you talking too, or better yet, what are you talking about that ORROM comes up as autocorrect? Riddle me that Batman!
  9. True stuff King — preach it! On a side note, I’m not one to talk, I’m a professional blocker. It’s a step up from a camper. In order to be a certified blocker you must get the achievement. What’s this achievement you ask? I use an iPhone, so in game center I got an achievement for successfully blocking 10 straight stage cycles from any progression. While an achievement doesn’t really exist I do have compassion for your situation. It’s sucks. It sucks so much that I’m spending my time telling you how much it sucks. Sucky as it maybe, as long as people are camping with their friends and family, that’s all that matters.
  10. Don’t let the name Newb confuse you, he really knows what he’s talking about. As for getting excited about the game I’m happy for you. I would suggest you run to the fridge and grab a water bottle though. Empty it out completely. And bottle up some of that excitement so you can have some a few weeks from now. Also, there’s a community live chat on the discord app. It’s full of sarcastic advice and occasionally there’s some solid info as well. It’s really a good place to ask questions and post SS’s to aid you in your quest to be number 1 on the global leaderboards!
  11. Zepto is fanatics for the movie Mission Impossible. Why is that you ask? Well.... their codes are based on the premise; once you read them (or see them) they spontaneously self destruct. Typically, on a good day, you have mere nano seconds to get your fingers on one of these slippery bastards we call, “codes.” I once was in the cubicle of the Zepto laboratory as a fly on the wall. True story, they have office pools every Thursday betting on the length of time from release of said code to expiration. Ive literally witnessed Russian adults rolling over in hysterical fashion, often falling to the ground gasping for air in laughter — Laughing at what you ask? Well..... at the site of “f” bombs and tears of agony on their YouTube feed when the community realizes within a fraction of a second the code has already expired. Speaking of betting, allow me to lay odds for the next code round. The over/under is .0024 seconds (release-expiration). Happy Hunting!
  12. Sure... 50 gems to turn off skills for 1 hour. Don’t forget to keep feeding the meter.
  13. If the part is that important to you place it on a body or upgrade it to lvl 2+. This really isn’t a problem, more of a new player mistake. Which should happen while learning. Lesson learned, just be more careful.
  14. Finally a use for our ultimate vehicles. I suffer from very low expectations and serious case of optimism so I’m primed to be set up to enjoy this update. Can’t wait to read all the glass half empty rants.
  15. I can understand and perhaps even sympathize with your position, but you play the game for completely different reasons than I do. You're a social butterfly and aim to help your gang and community, therefore, you enjoy logging in for different reasons. I thought you were above such short sided opinions when there's literally no right answer on how someone should approach finding enjoyment in a game. I literally login to app games on my downtime to escape the normal daily grinds of being a dad and husband. I play within the rules of those games and find mini challenges within the game to compete and stay occupied. If I happen to come across like minded people that I enjoy playing with so be it, but I have Facebook and real life for those crowd pleasing moments. If you prefer that everyone just roll over for you so you can have enjoyment you should try Candy Crush. If someone was to message me on discord and ask me to change my build, I'd probably say sure. But to call someone out to look in the mirror for doing what is allowed within the framework of the content and choose a different path in the game..... yeah Phil, I expected better.