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  1. Sorry for the late reply, but it just looks like you put an image of the forum into the message box. (It shows "display as a link instead" on the bottom, indicating there is some sort of image). Please reply with more information if this is not fixed.
  2. By the way "Veteran Warcat" is his title for the number of posts he has. His name is just above his profile picture is "Phil".
  3. I just want to clarify this. There was a short experiment with new players where sometimes they would get universal bonuses. It has ended by now, but the people who have universal bonuses are not cheating in any way.
  4. Crash Arena Turbo Stars has many different communities that the mechanics post in such as the Facebook group, and the discord. For example, NightFrog usually only posts and comments on Facebook and Discord. The mechanics do more than post on the forums, and social medias too, we help report bugs and exploits as well. As a reminder, if there are any problems in the forums about spammers, double posts or anything that would need to get fixed, feel free to report the posts.
  5. I was talking about the exploit that used the alternate builds getting really high streaks, which was the only other exploit that could possibly have a length in which patching would have any effect. The winstreak bug start was supposedly fixed in 24 however that would have no effect as most people would have logged in.
  6. What are you talking about? It was fixed multiple weeks into the competition, not too quick considering they've fixed other small issues quicker.
  7. This is the official thread that is for everyone to be recruited and recruit players, not just you. If the thread belonged to the person who posted first then captaincat would have the rest of the thread.
  8. Before you prestige I would highly encourage you to sell everything you have and buy all the outfits you can buy with gold. While they aren't at all important, its just nice to have all of them to choose from when you want to play around with it. Hope you do well on your next prestige, it will take a bit to get the prestige ball rolling but before you know it you'll be going through prestiges once every few weeks. Good luck!
  9. There are periodic events in which you can obtain more than 5 tickets in the ultimate league. Clearly the event ended and you can therefore no longer get any more than 5 tickets.
  10. Yep, Like NotANewb said, if you said you were under 12 when you first started the game you will not be able to interact with the chat. Unfortunately the age cannot be changed except I suppose be support (don't quote me on that). Hope you understand.
  11. Can you screenshot your current build? It might help us understand why you are dropping in rank.
  12. C.A.T.S. is not forcing you to play at exactly 10 o'clock. The other players are. If you are dropping ranks that quickly, consistently, that might be a sign that your builds aren't very good, or that you are using multiple builds to get all 13 wins, which means other people will probably find out, and beat you again.
  13. For the record, you can't talk in chat on your iPad or iPhone? Or is it that if you are logged into both at the same time you can't chat? If it is the former, it could be that your are unable to chat because of age restrictions. If you have any other details, feel free to put them here, or in a PM.
  14. These are all great suggestions! The second suggestion has been in King of Thieves for years and works well, so I don't see why it can't be in C.A.T.S. too! I'll see that the suggestions get some attention.
  15. Even if this was true (it's not), this would not change anything as everyone would be in the same boat, with lower tier stuff.