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  1. Hi everybody. I found the enterprise who prepare and deliver equipment boxes ! Let's see the employees in action... So many boxes to do for so many players. They are very busy... I've more photos to show you but empoyees are fighting in order to be on the second shot and security... is coming. Maybe later. Bye !
  2. ow, I understand your point of view now. Maybe we can create a new post in order to give some ideas to the conceptors. what do you think about that? The "problem" to this type of game? If you want to be powerfull rapidly, just play like a nolife. I agree in this because if you have one thing to make in order to be rapidly the best, game will losing interrest rapidly. I'm sure that players have some good ideas to make this game more great. (sorry for my english, I'm French. )
  3. Hi, Just for example, I started to play two or tree days ago. I was in hospital. I played all the days. and make quick fight after quick fight I xasn't bored because this game is awesome. No place for cheating, this game is greater without this. If the team want some analysis of my character, in order to have a well "nolife" 3 day playing, you can see it.