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  1. Pretty sure as long as you have something to report, support will not tell you to stop messaging them. And many, many cheaters were banned by support due to these reports. Also, just because there are problems in existence does not mean that devs are not actively working to solve them. As you've surely noticed, there has been a significant drop in cheaters since your message.
  2. It's not spamming the helpdesk. If you find cheaters, report them. Support has been known to ban them.
  3. Locking this nonsense. Kyle's "mom" can contact support with issues about the game. Other conversations in this thread can be resumed in their own topics.
  4. It takes time to build a strong gang. You have to constantly boot the inactives and recruit strong players. It's usually easier to join a gang that already exists and is full of active members. Here's a good place to start: https://forum.catsthegame.com/topic/14635-join-a-gang
  5. Hey Lelu! Great to see you! Hit me up on telegram sometime.
  6. There is no set answer to this question. Mechanics are selected from active members of the C.A.T.S. community. Among other traits, we look for people who are helpful, knowledgeable, rational, and friendly.
  7. I fully support this change. Upgrading your skills should not create disadvantages. Many of us have been pushing for this exact change since the game came out though, so I wouldn't expect anything to happen quickly. But it really should happen.
  8. You can't put yourself into a bet. But the system does clone random people's setups for bets. The chance that it will happen to you is pretty low I think.
  9. I see Abraham Scalopini and Krockenberger quite a bit, regardless of my stage. There are a few others but those are the only 2 that come to mind at the moment.
  10. As you get higher in the stages there are more and more opponents that fit #2 - more health than 2.5x your damage. And there is often some guy with a harpoon that prevents instant promotion. But it's still a great build for farming crowns and winning gang battles. For that, I like to keep my heath at about 2x my laser. That way my quick fight opponents who match my stats can still be killed in 1-shot by my laser, but I have enough health to absorb pretty much any minigun shot which might hit me before I launch.
  11. I figured there's no need for stats because I'm pretty sure match making chooses opponents with similar stats anyway. Plus, if people are using this thread for design ideas, the stats of the vehicles are what they are and they can't change them anyway. With my particular builds I usually get up to the 5000-10,000 range before I collect. Otherwise I end up losing it all since I refuse to spend 50 gems or whatever ridiculous price it is to recover after a loss. Glad you're engaged in the discussion but I think this thread would benefit more from people posting their setups. If you have any effective builds please share. :-)
  12. I think this is a great idea for a topic. While I much prefer the regular fights to the ultimate ones, I assume there will be more we can do with ultimate cars in the future, so I'm curious what combinations people find effective. Hopefully we'll see see a variety of good builds, despite the current lack of part options out there. Here's what I'm rocking: ----- Old Reliable (Dozer) this was my first machine and still one of the easiest to predict wins and losses with since it always deals damage at the same rate, even if it's tipped over or jumped forklift can flip opponents due to the small dozer drive knob on the front. aux slot position isn't optimal though. this wheel combination is less likely to tip itself over when it hits a wall as some other combinations I've tried large wheel in the back helps to close the distance faster to get within striking range weak to slow moving builds with rockets since it usually absorbs one or two before it gets within striking range weak to repulses and shotguns since it can't do any damage from a distance ----- Spitting Cobra (Corsair) The fire engine double roller on the back helps resist being flipped High damage rocket is a great range weapon (would prefer double rockets but mine are so weak) Ice cream truck drive scooter on the front makes it too high for most flying boulders to get past, but not so high that the rockets miss Repulse keeps melee opponent at a safe distance while dealing damage with the rockets really high win rate with this one vs opponents with similar stats, but it's weak to flying cutters (sneakies) ----- Sentinel (Santa's Sleigh a.k.a. whale) Reminds me of the Sentines from the matrix with their harpoon like arms and lasers Counters jumpers with the harpoon and can deal damage to them with the mace even if they wind up on top Great against melee opponents since the laser usually can get the opponent to 0 hp after a couple mace strikes Great against repulses because of the harpoon. Plus the laser works at a distance anyway. Wheel combo (corsair drive tire and dozer guide knob) gives a good angle for getting under an opponent while pretty much never missing with the harpoon EDIT: Times have changed and none of these builds are very good anymore given the current part alternatives, except for arguably the last one in gang wars.
  13. Yes, some people have had problems with Google Play, and side-loading the apk is one viable work-around. But please make sure you don't get the apk from a source that is not trustworthy, and I would scan it with virus scanners just in case.
  14. There were a couple of threads about the actual limits per stage. Here's one: You can look up some of the limits there.
  15. According to Jay from the live stream on the 16th and conversation on discord afterwards, P11 will be a bit different. And you can stay at P10 but you will miss out on the new features available for P11. I'm assuming there will be some sort of end-game available only to P11 players. If you don't advance to P11, you will miss out on it.