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  1. There isn't a Windows 10 version, but you can run the android version on Windows in an emulator like Bluestacks.
  2. By the time you took your "down for maintenance" screenshot, these posts were up on facebook, twitter, and discord for about a day. So there was actually plenty of notice, even though it was apparently unintentional. I can't seem to find the referenced announcement that was "several hours" before the original attempt. It's difficult for zepto to give a lot of notice on updates because there are many factors that can delay things, and some are beyond zepto's control. So when there is notice, it's usually either vague or very close to the event.
  3. It's true that communication wasn't great but it was mentioned on facebook and twitter before it happened. Also on discord.
  4. Wow. Despite a few veiled jabs, this was an overall positive post! WTG, Phil! And I agree that Gangs have brought a lot of fun to the game.
  5. Welcome, Anyar. No, there's no quicker way to crown your boxes. It has been suggested in the past to put a second button on the "Victory" screen which says "Next Fight" or something similar, but it was never implemented. Perhaps there is concern that it would lead to confusion about what's going on with the boxes if you never return to the home screen to see them. That said, I don't always crown my boxes these days. It does help by giving you slightly better parts, but often it's not required to promote. You can also get some nice parts from gang fights and sponsor boxes, or from promoting. I tend to crown my boxes more often when I am on the last stage in a particular tier, for example if I'm in the final military stage (stage 14) and I want a chance to get gold stage (stage 15) parts.
  6. Recently the community has been asking about whether players in the All-Stars leaderboards are real players or bots. The answer is that all leaderboards in the game are filled with real players. Sometimes bots are added to Championship groups to prevent excessive waiting for real players, but they are not added to leaderboards. If you're fiercely competing against someone for the top spot in a leaderboard, rest assured that there's a real person somewhere who is competing just as fiercely against you. Battle on, Cats!
  7. moved to general
  8. Do you ever take any screenshots or share any replay videos? You might find your old gang name in those.
  9. You will have to leave your gang to participate in the world cup matches.
  10. It was a bug that came with the last update, but was fixed on the server-side. No new update was required for the fix.
  11. This was a bug in the update. The rumor was that we were getting the extra medals from bots that were added to pad the championships. As real players joined, the bots were replaced, but the medals from them were kept. I believe it has been fixed now though.
  12. Pretty sure as long as you have something to report, support will not tell you to stop messaging them. And many, many cheaters were banned by support due to these reports. Also, just because there are problems in existence does not mean that devs are not actively working to solve them. As you've surely noticed, there has been a significant drop in cheaters since your message.
  13. It's not spamming the helpdesk. If you find cheaters, report them. Support has been known to ban them.
  14. Locking this nonsense. Kyle's "mom" can contact support with issues about the game. Other conversations in this thread can be resumed in their own topics.
  15. It takes time to build a strong gang. You have to constantly boot the inactives and recruit strong players. It's usually easier to join a gang that already exists and is full of active members. Here's a good place to start: https://forum.catsthegame.com/topic/14635-join-a-gang