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  1. Whoa. That's new to me. Perhaps something was changed in an update.
  2. Looking to join a Gang? You're in the right place. This thread is the designated meeting place for Gang leaders and free agents. Whether you're looking for a Gang to join or you're recruiting for your own Gang, feel free to discuss your affiliations here. If you're looking, include details like your prestige level and stage. If you're recruiting, feel free to link to your official Gang thread. Good luck and may the best Gang win!
  3. @GreatSailor that's wrong. As I said in my closing paragraph above: Another thing I forgot to mention is that bots can mess with the order. But once the territory is full of only real players, the behavior is like I described.
  4. You can think of the opponent's grid like this: 1 4 7 10 2 5 8 11 3 6 9 12 This is the order they filled the territory. In other words, square 1 would be the first car the entered, and in this example square 12 would be the most recent to enter. When you remove an opponent, they shift up in columns and then left in rows. Essentially they maintain their order of entry. You can use this to your advantage when attacking. If an opponent recently took a square, then the highest numbered square would be the most likely to still be damaged from their fight to get in. This is most often the ideal choice of opponents. However, if the opponent has held positions in that territory for a while, attacking square 1 may be ideal since that player has been there the longest and is therefore the least likely to still be online. And if you attack square 1, it's easy to have someone follow you to finish them off, as the opponent in square 1 will remain in square 1 until he's dead or replaced. Note that the order of your own gang's cars in your defense grid is NOT what your opponent sees in their attack grid. That throws a lot of people off.
  5. that's exactly what I did
  6. I personally have not seen this before. I recommend using the in-game help and sending this screenshot to support to see what they say.
  7. While it's not always a good idea to do so, we can ban IP addresses. But these spammers cover their tracks pretty well. It's never the same IP twice.
  8. If you fuse them onto a part that already has a bonus that you'd like to buff, it increases that bonus. It's like automatically winning a long bet. If you add them to a part with no bonus, you get a random magical bonus. A "10% to bodies" magical bonus is way better than a regular percentage to body bonus, because you can move the part to any body and still get the bonus.
  9. Looks like the signature says Gabriel
  10. Guys this has strayed far from the original topic. And the original topic doesn't apply anymore anyway since the game has been updated. Closing this one out.
  11. Zepto has been made aware of the problem and is working on it. some Android 9 users have been able to get back into the game, but there have still been issues reported.
  12. I ban spammers every day, often multiple times per day. I banned 5 of them just now. We used to get a ton of spam in Korean but had some filters made to thwart it, and eventually those bots went away. Recently it's spam in English relating to diets and things. Really annoying.
  13. The contest is now over. 1st Place: Lex 3000 UL cash & 5 Ultimate Parts 2nd Place: Cody 2000 UL cash & 4 Ultimate Parts 3rd Place Manuel 1000 UL cash & 3 Ultimate Parts The final standings as tabulated by Jer. Congratulations to the winners!
  14. It has changed over time. When City Kings first started, it did not matter if 5 people clicked "join". There was some debate over whether match making was triggered by 5 (or fewer) players being online, checking the city kings screen, or actually clicking "join" unbeknownst to gang leaders. Also the counter was bugged/backwards. It would start with "1 player needed" and count upwards. By about 6 months ago, things changed. It was absolutely required for 5 players to click "join" for match making to begin. My gang and other top gangs manipulated our start time many times to avoid facing the same 2 or 3 teams over and over again. Match making has improved so we no longer do this, but as far as I know, it is still required for 5 people to click "join". I think the features you are suggesting would be a nice addition to the game. I also would like to see a log of who uses our replaces, as has come up once or twice. Perhaps a "verbose" mode to the logs could give information like this.
  15. My boosters are at 1 and I refuse to upgrade them for that reason. 100% they should be adjustable. Repulses too. I have heard reports of users who complained to support and had their booster upgrades reversed. I'm not sure if they will still do it but it's worth a shot. Use the in-game help in the options.
  16. Looks like this took a ton of effort. Nice job! I think the UpgradeCalculator sheet should not be editable because if you accidentally edit anything there it overwrites the formulas. Also I noticed the "Next Past Max" parts is 0 for items that have data and are not maxed, so maybe that's a small bug. Overall really great work!
  17. Good tip. I kind of forgot about this. Doing this it only takes a few prestiges before you run out of things to buy with gold.
  18. It's just part of the game physics. The wheels are attached to the body with some elasticity. This makes it seem like the cars have a suspension system. However, the physics is not perfect. And sometimes your wheel can even end up on the opposite side of your opponent's car!
  19. Did this issue get resolved? You can contact support about it. In-game is best, but if you can't get into the game you can use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of any forum page.
  20. There isn't a Windows 10 version, but you can run the android version on Windows in an emulator like Bluestacks.
  21. By the time you took your "down for maintenance" screenshot, these posts were up on facebook, twitter, and discord for about a day. So there was actually plenty of notice, even though it was apparently unintentional. I can't seem to find the referenced announcement that was "several hours" before the original attempt. It's difficult for zepto to give a lot of notice on updates because there are many factors that can delay things, and some are beyond zepto's control. So when there is notice, it's usually either vague or very close to the event.
  22. It's true that communication wasn't great but it was mentioned on facebook and twitter before it happened. Also on discord.
  23. Wow. Despite a few veiled jabs, this was an overall positive post! WTG, Phil! And I agree that Gangs have brought a lot of fun to the game.
  24. Welcome, Anyar. No, there's no quicker way to crown your boxes. It has been suggested in the past to put a second button on the "Victory" screen which says "Next Fight" or something similar, but it was never implemented. Perhaps there is concern that it would lead to confusion about what's going on with the boxes if you never return to the home screen to see them. That said, I don't always crown my boxes these days. It does help by giving you slightly better parts, but often it's not required to promote. You can also get some nice parts from gang fights and sponsor boxes, or from promoting. I tend to crown my boxes more often when I am on the last stage in a particular tier, for example if I'm in the final military stage (stage 14) and I want a chance to get gold stage (stage 15) parts.
  25. Recently the community has been asking about whether players in the All-Stars leaderboards are real players or bots. The answer is that all leaderboards in the game are filled with real players. Sometimes bots are added to Championship groups to prevent excessive waiting for real players, but they are not added to leaderboards. If you're fiercely competing against someone for the top spot in a leaderboard, rest assured that there's a real person somewhere who is competing just as fiercely against you. Battle on, Cats!