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  1. Looking to join a Gang? You're in the right place. This thread is the designated meeting place for Gang leaders and free agents. Whether you're looking for a Gang to join or you're recruiting for your own Gang, feel free to discuss your affiliations here. If you're looking, include details like your prestige level and stage. If you're recruiting, feel free to link to your official Gang thread. Good luck and may the best Gang win!
  2. Guys, let's settle down. Differences of opinions are natural but remember to keep it civil and respectful. @GreedyCat it's OK to disagree with someone but this should be an inviting place for people to share ideas. If you have something constructive to say, feel free. But please avoid being confrontational. As for the original idea, I don't think it's so bad. I would have used it before prestiging to sell all my parts for gold to buy outfits, before I already bought all the outfits. To build on the idea, it might be nice to be able to "favorite" some parts and group those together. Then the option to sell all non-favorited parts would be appealing.
  3. Devs know about this bug and are working on a solution. Sometimes restarting the game helps when the bug starts popping up.
  4. I like to level them up but I tend not to add too many attack toolboxes, since the toolbox damage gets divided by 5 per shot. They're on-directional, so it's good to pair them with a blade to pop lifter balloons or a shotgun to pop balloons and stop most booster builds from flying over you.
  5. the leader can't kick them? if you're the leader, open an in-game support ticket in the game settings, help menu, chat icon
  6. Not sure where there is a complete breakdown, but you are correct. Gang Box 5 gets 1 ultimate part (5,000 trophy requirement) Gang Box 6 gets 2 ultimate parts (10,000 trophy requirement) Gang Box 7 gets 3 ultimate parts (25,000 trophy requirement)
  7. That explains why I have a 1/1 upgrade waiting. Couldn't remember where the 2nd drop came from. But you're right. It's pretty much useless.
  8. That's 10 ultimate cash. You will need it to upgrade your ultimate parts and use ultimate toolboxes.
  9. Reminder to please keep all posts in English. This is an international forum.
  10. It's the bear fall. The falling object is actually a bear. Yes, really. This is why it's important to stay off drugs, kids. It was available as one of the rewards in City 2 Meow Scow. It doesn't drop from normal ultimate boxes. Most likely you'll have to wait until it's a featured prize in an All-Stars event to get it.
  11. These 3-slot classics used to drop before the game was officially launched as CATS, back when it was in beta mode and called Backyard Battles. But they were too OP so before the game was officially launched as C.A.T.S. they were removed from normal boxes. Perhaps by accident, they were still found in the boxes you can buy for gems in the store, but they were rare. Still, bunch of guys were able to get one or more back when there was a Prestige 10 cap and no ultimate league. Eventually, the 3-slot classics were removed entirely from the game. But anyone who already had them and never prestiged still has them.
  12. Open as many boxes as you can. Make 3 very different builds. And when the stage is almost up, get as many medals as you can with each build to get yourself into the top 6.
  13. I believe all projectile weapons fire at 1s intervals, starting at 1s, except for minigun and lasers. Lasers fire at 2.5 seconds. Miniguns fire at 5 shots per second once they reach full speed but before that it's a bit more complicated. I did some analysis on a slowmo video with a rocket and a minigun firing. If - is for minigun and | is for rocket and + is for both, the firing pattern during the minigun's ramp-up period goes - | - - | - - - - + - - - - + Keep in mind this is when the shots are fired, not necessarily when they'll land and deal damage. The rocket takes longer to travel than the minigun bullet, so the distance between opponents can affect the timing of the damage. Usually you can land 2 minigun shots before the first rocket lands.
  14. you're missing the finishing touch. the little paws in the bottom right
  15. This is because of the bonus from the hotwheels parts. It is not displayed until the battle starts. Devs are aware of the problem but I don't know when to expect a solution.
  16. There is now a hotfix update available in the play store and app store to fix this issue. Update the game and it should be solved.
  17. Whoa. That's new to me. Perhaps something was changed in an update.
  18. @GreatSailor that's wrong. As I said in my closing paragraph above: Another thing I forgot to mention is that bots can mess with the order. But once the territory is full of only real players, the behavior is like I described.
  19. You can think of the opponent's grid like this: 1 4 7 10 2 5 8 11 3 6 9 12 This is the order they filled the territory. In other words, square 1 would be the first car the entered, and in this example square 12 would be the most recent to enter. When you remove an opponent, they shift up in columns and then left in rows. Essentially they maintain their order of entry. You can use this to your advantage when attacking. If an opponent recently took a square, then the highest numbered square would be the most likely to still be damaged from their fight to get in. This is most often the ideal choice of opponents. However, if the opponent has held positions in that territory for a while, attacking square 1 may be ideal since that player has been there the longest and is therefore the least likely to still be online. And if you attack square 1, it's easy to have someone follow you to finish them off, as the opponent in square 1 will remain in square 1 until he's dead or replaced. Note that the order of your own gang's cars in your defense grid is NOT what your opponent sees in their attack grid. That throws a lot of people off.
  20. that's exactly what I did
  21. I personally have not seen this before. I recommend using the in-game help and sending this screenshot to support to see what they say.
  22. While it's not always a good idea to do so, we can ban IP addresses. But these spammers cover their tracks pretty well. It's never the same IP twice.
  23. If you fuse them onto a part that already has a bonus that you'd like to buff, it increases that bonus. It's like automatically winning a long bet. If you add them to a part with no bonus, you get a random magical bonus. A "10% to bodies" magical bonus is way better than a regular percentage to body bonus, because you can move the part to any body and still get the bonus.
  24. Looks like the signature says Gabriel
  25. Guys this has strayed far from the original topic. And the original topic doesn't apply anymore anyway since the game has been updated. Closing this one out.