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  1. You can't play CATS from Facebook? Are you playing from a Mobile emulator like BlueStacks or Xcode Either way, the you go through the little People icon in the Top-Right corner, near the support gear symbol. Good luck....
  2. not necessarily true. Are you thinking Stage instead of Prestige? The only players at a Prestige handicap are 0-3, because they do not have all the parts yet unlocked for play. After Prestige 4, the Stage level matters more than Prestige. Talking stage.....if you have not learned how to counter specific builds, then that's a different discussion. More powerful weapons won't help
  3. 5 open slots..... getting ready for Purris District 9. Prestige 4+ can join, no questions asked. Message me here if you're below that.
  4. Is anyone else -not- getting sponsor loot box drops, with this latest update? I am getting the notifications......but when you go to the area they would be in the Store, it's blank. Just some pay-Gem boxes, and this new "Stevie" box.
  5. Just went into district 8. Will have an open slot after server reset tonight. Discord:
  6. I've had some luck with setting mine to private, dropping the Prestige to 0, raising it back to whatever, then opening the Gang back up. I think that combo puts you on the "Recommended" list for a short period of time (players don't need to actively search for you specifically). Haven't really been able to confirm that with any of my new recruits, since they were all referrals.
  7. It's just part of the game. you earn all that stuff by Prestige 4....until then, blades & Rockets are your best friends.
  8. There are no active events to currently get it. District 8 of Meowscow was the offering, and one of the October All-Stars (where I got mine). I don't think there's currently any Ultimate boxes that drop it?
  9. It's currently the District 6 reward in Purris. We just got ours (underwhelmed joy), probably the most useless weapon in the game..
  10. If they're camping (really high Attack/Defense) for the Stage & Prestige, about the only thing you can do is keep tweaking your build, until you beat them? Highly depends on what you're throwing at them....more details would be helpful.
  11. Try something like this, see what happens.....
  12. Honestly, it depends more on what you're going up against for opponents? Sometimes just swapping weapon, between two different slots on the same vehicle, can mean the difference between victory & defeat. But with the body you have pictured, looks like the blue Blade & Wheels with a single boost would do you well. Swap the wheels around for best effect on your opponents.
  13. Is there a way to look-up this info on players, or is that just common knowledge from hanging around the community a while? I know several other MMO games have external rating systems that will show stuff like that, didn't think this one did.
  14. so, this is obviously possible.... Is this a glitch with the game? I've never seen one personally (picture courtesy one of my gang members).
  15. well into District 6. have one open slot, possibly 2 more tomorrow. Prestige 3 or higher can join, no questions asked.