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  1. Is this normal for City Kings matches? Not complaining......but we're completely out-classed here (and existing, only because they are not attacking us). I don't recall facing any top-100 Gangs in Meowscow.
  2. I'd assume there would be a Gem "transaction fee" to complete the transfer (depending on the grade & level of the part).
  3. It's been suggested in the "Idea" forum. A good leader has already figured-out how to do it though
  4. looks like your single knob "fused" with the enemy vehicle?
  5. bummer, we were just 6 battles away from completing district 8.
  6. Does this mean we can only move up to Purris, by winning stage 99 in Meowscow?
  7. I'm confused.... our Gang is still playing in Meoscow, but the last two release (iTunes Store) notes say that "Purris" was released in version 2.14 on Oct 23rd and then again in 2.14.1 on October 30th. Not complaining, just trying to figure-out how many days we have to complete Meowscow, before it closes for good.
  8. Honestly.....I'm changing mine most of the time? I usually try to keep at least 2 of every part, at the highest level possible for my I can mix and match between all of my machines. If I had to choose one setup as a "go-to"..... Sticky Tire whale, with double lifters, and a BIG shotgun. that works really well against campers, but susceptible to no-scope Sneakies. don't forget to use your two other garage slots.....comes-in handy when your chasing Super Boxes.
  9. One Last plug on this thread (retiring this recruitment thread, for new information). I'll have two open slots here shortly....we're on stage 47 of district 7. Minimum prestige 3....we're flexible on everything else. PM if interested, or Discord: @gr8sailor (Nacht 5D)
  10. It just boosts it's "natural" bonus.... rather than increasing it using Uncle Tony's bets. So if a part has a 35% boos on a Sneaky body, it will have a 45% once you fuse it. Not sure what the maximum bonus applied can be, I'd assume 100% tops.
  11. If you're the leader, change the settings on your Gang. There is a little gear icon at the top-right of your My Gang. ..... Set a minimum prestige level (1 should do just fine), and if you don't want new random recurits.....set the Private status to "ON". Mine is currently set to "OFF" with a minimum Prestige of Chinese "ghosts" for me.....but several people have joined/left without doing anything.
  12. Starting to hit our stride 1/2 through District 7. Could use a couple more committed "team" players.
  13. Both CK and Ultimate Championships. It's not intuitive (working on that).....but it works about 90% of the time. I have trouble with some of the physics stuff.
  14. OOOOH, Shiny. I like. I'll have to share my "Battle Predictor" for Ultimates at some point. Good Job.
  15. Looking for 2 to 6 Active players to join our ranks. Gearing-up for District 7. Stop by our Discord ( @NachtKriechen, or PM me through the Forums. Feel free to also look into other Games hosted by our mother Clan: