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  1. Our Discord channel is now up: Discord: Interested members, please apply for membership at:
  2. We have a pretty active core group. Not a chatty bunch, but no defeats so-far in City Kings. I'll likely have three open slots at midnight tonight.
  3. 5th Dimension startup clan (extension of ) ....don't bother applying there for now. The webmaster Major_Steel and I have some details to work-out. Discord channel to come shortly. I'm heading a start-up, from ground zero. Minimum requirements (until I get bored, and decide otherwise): Ultimate League, minimum Wooden (1st-level) ranking. Gang Fights, minimum 15 trophies/day I will boot people not meeting these completely -low- expectations every 24 hours, and re-open the Gang to general recruiting. If you wish to join us, just drop a message here, and I'll get you an invite (or open a slot). Initially, 11 open slots tomorrow.
  4. 2nd-ed this topic. I'd like to see this become a regular thing as well. Finished just outside the top 100 though....more Ultimate boxes would be nice for that reward bracket.
  5. I'm on iOS, so if you press the white gear symbol for your in-game options, then the little "Star & Badge" icon in the top-right corner, it shows the "Achivements" and "Leaderboards" according to the Apple Apps Store. Not sure i means anything, really.....just a data-point.
  6. Stage 14 of Prestige 1? I'm well beyond that.... If I'm reading this correct, I'm 3014 in Ultimate and 11,192 overall. What's with the "minimum trophies" in some of these recruitment threads?
  7. Where do I look-up my individual rating.... may be shopping for a Gang at some point?
  8. thanks Phil, I'll give that a shot. My stats are quiet a bit lower though, 20588 Health, 6456 Attack I guess my main question joining a gang the only option to perhaps acquire some of these parts? If so....I have some other questions, not for this thread.
  9. Normally, I would agree.... the "Bounce", "Lift", and "Shotgun"-like mechanics are making Machines that I easlily out-class, difficult to beat because of the general randomness. The combo that I'm seeing at very low levels (Opponent 5-10 usually) use the Surfer body, Horseshoe thrower, Dragon Head Mortar, and large UFO lifter wheel on the rear mount (no front wheel). None of my builds can counter that, especially the normally rock-solid Whale build.
  10. So I "thought" i was doing well, and hitting my stride overall in this game.... Now I'm stymied a bit. There seems to be two sets of Ultimate parts that are not dropping for me? Western & Space themed. Three parts in particular are driving me batty, as it's very difficult to counter certain combinations....and now they're showing-up on players below opponent 15 (wheras, before the last update, I would only see them after 15/20). Can anyone provide some insight as to what I'm missing here?
  11. pretty much. We can "kinda" do it, if you can find a machine with similar stats/config in the Leaderboard (little magnifying icon), but I'd like to be able to set the stats on the components for the "bot" in the sandbox.
  12. Are there any plans to implement a sandbox (or "Quick Fight") mode with the Ultimate machines? I think I generally understand the mechanics, but I'd like to be able to tweak designs without burning League Fight tickets. I have noted several fight results that I don't understand, and I'd like to replicate the designs.