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  1. Suggestions, 1) make Fish a little easier to earn. I'm waiting at a blank slate of opponents for 6+ hours, because I cannot farm enough to refresh (only seem to get them out of the 6-hour boxes & Steevie's). 2) allow use of Fish to buy-out ultra-hard opponents (Stage 19 & 24 campers) on a board, already suggested above. Other than that, I'm enjoying this better than normal championships, FWIW. Also not sure if anyone else has noticed that "harder" opponents are on the top line, with fewer badge rewards. I can usually run the table on the lowest line, for the most reward.....not sure this was intended....seems backwards to me.
  2. I'm just going to stay in Gold. I'm consistently getting the 4-box rewards again. Had to tweak a couple of my builds, and really pay attention to opponents.... the Meta changed a bit with all of the new parts.
  3. Quality group here, definitely check them out if you get the chance.
  4. It's been so long since I've been in Silver League, I have no idea. May have to ask some of my guys.
  5. I've also noticed less free Gold Tickets to run Ultimate Leagues. For the first time -ever- I just started Gold League with just 1 ticket. Normally over the 24-hour break, I have a full 5, and usually burn one by accident. and by the way, just got knocked-out on opponent #7 because I got locked in a odd position by Jaws & a bad physics bounce. If I get demoted to Silver league, i think I'm done. This isn't fun anymore.
  6. I'm just trying to gauge my current feelings of the game.... Don't currently understand the drive for City Kings at the moment. Our gang is likely not going to make top-100 payouts, but the current district awards will be nice. Generally speaking, performance in this mode is driven by the Ultimate Championships.....which I believe are broken at the moment. Before the last update, I was consistently getting full points 42000 for each ticket in Gold League (except when I wasn't paying attention to my opponents). Now, I can very rarely do better than 15600, because the level 15 opponent is usually "over-the-top" strong. The only way to reliably farm ultimate parts anymore is through Normal Prestige.....which is terribly difficult past stage 20. Am I completely off-base here, or is anyone else sharing these opinions? Sorry for the vent.....
  7. You can't play CATS from Facebook? Are you playing from a Mobile emulator like BlueStacks or Xcode Either way, the you go through the little People icon in the Top-Right corner, near the support gear symbol. Good luck....
  8. not necessarily true. Are you thinking Stage instead of Prestige? The only players at a Prestige handicap are 0-3, because they do not have all the parts yet unlocked for play. After Prestige 4, the Stage level matters more than Prestige. Talking stage.....if you have not learned how to counter specific builds, then that's a different discussion. More powerful weapons won't help
  9. 5 open slots..... getting ready for Purris District 9. Prestige 4+ can join, no questions asked. Message me here if you're below that.
  10. Is anyone else -not- getting sponsor loot box drops, with this latest update? I am getting the notifications......but when you go to the area they would be in the Store, it's blank. Just some pay-Gem boxes, and this new "Stevie" box.
  11. Just went into district 8. Will have an open slot after server reset tonight. Discord:
  12. I've had some luck with setting mine to private, dropping the Prestige to 0, raising it back to whatever, then opening the Gang back up. I think that combo puts you on the "Recommended" list for a short period of time (players don't need to actively search for you specifically). Haven't really been able to confirm that with any of my new recruits, since they were all referrals.
  13. It's just part of the game. you earn all that stuff by Prestige 4....until then, blades & Rockets are your best friends.
  14. There are no active events to currently get it. District 8 of Meowscow was the offering, and one of the October All-Stars (where I got mine). I don't think there's currently any Ultimate boxes that drop it?
  15. It's currently the District 6 reward in Purris. We just got ours (underwhelmed joy), probably the most useless weapon in the game..