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  1. If you're Prestige 3 or better, just join (ID above). Otherwise PM me, or stop by our Discord. We're getting ready for District 5 in Purris.
  2. Gang Name: -5D- #48749 Gang Rank: 393 City Kings, 1471 Global General Recruiting Prestige: 4 Average Trophy Count: 2400+/3 days (as a gang) Current # of Members: 24/25 Current City: Purris, District 2, stage 8 5th Dimension Gaming is looking for active C.A.T.S. seeking a competitive entry-level clan. We're a feisty little bunch, that need players committed to improving in-game. General recruiting is open to Prestige 4 and higher (no invite necessary, just join if there's an open slot). Please PM me here on the Message boards, or stop by our Discord channel: We understand if you don't fully know how to answer the normal recruiting questions..... Just stop-in, and we'll give you a 3-day trial period to see if you'd be a good fit with our group. No expectations of "Pay-to-Play" , just Daily expectations of participation in City Kings wars, and Gang Fights. Feel free to also check-out our Larger Gaming community at If you're playing it, we have the community and experience for you. Grow with us.
  3. You have to get into a championship series, where you can beat quite a few opponents.......then I hate to say it.....Camp. I just went into Prestige now I'm sitting at Stage 4. I have a combination of vehicles that can beat all 14 opponents. Once you have that, It's just a matter of waiting about 4 1/2 hours for all the badges to regenerate, and try to not promote to the next stage. The Shark Bite is 135 badges, so about 45 hours. If you do everything perfect (which I do not), in 83 hours you'll have 250 badges. The Event is 120 hours long, so there's not much wiggle-room for mistakes, inactivity.
  4. 4 open slots. If you're Prestige 3 or better, just join (ID above). Otherwise PM me, or stop by our Discord. Got a -really- good core group now......just need to fill-out the remainder. We're not "top" anything....but who know, with time.
  5. Then i get this......which makes me question the mechanics. After attack placement.....into slot #5 & 6 on defense? I used the same set of battles, as pictured above....
  6. I made a diagram a while back, to keep it square in my head. Just updated this to make it "pretty". If this is incorrect, please feel free to correct.....but basically conforms to what Fezzik describes above
  7. I assumed some of them, because they had "really weak" builds for my Prestige....and/or if their Bot flips and does no damage,,,,, Thanks, was just looking for 3rd-part verification of my observations... :-)
  8. Not to hijack this conversation, but is there a reliable way to tell "Bots" from real players.....when they're not sporting these glitches? At least in City Kings, they're marked with a "P" you know what you're attacking.
  9. At the end of every City Kings match, there is a numeric leader board (which can only be viewed between matches). Does anyone know where this number comes from (I assume cumulative Influence points over a period), and if there is a way to review past Gang performance (wins/losses)? I seem to understand the "Top Gangs" leaderboard.....but does that update daily, or only every 3-days when Gang Fights reset? Just trying to understand these numbers, and if they play into anything at all........
  10. Corporate sponsor. We're not buying enough of their "Offers"
  11. There wasn't really a storyline when I started...just Uncle Tony musing. so completely plausible. I think that started with the City Kings introduction in Mew York.
  12. yep, it's up and running. Been fighting City Kings most of the morning. It doesn't go down for another 14-ish hours.
  13. I still like to put the "goofy green head" on my Sneakies and Boulders (usually underneath the Boosters), that way it's visible after "Trolling" and opponent.
  14. Actually, was a good learning experience. The guys have a better idea now of what constitutes a "Strong" build in Ultimates.....and tweaked many of their vehicles. I have a 3rd counter-build to that pesky Flu now. ;-)
  15. Is this normal for City Kings matches? Not complaining......but we're completely out-classed here (and existing, only because they are not attacking us). I don't recall facing any top-100 Gangs in Meowscow.
  16. I'd assume there would be a Gem "transaction fee" to complete the transfer (depending on the grade & level of the part).
  17. It's been suggested in the "Idea" forum. A good leader has already figured-out how to do it though
  18. looks like your single knob "fused" with the enemy vehicle?
  19. bummer, we were just 6 battles away from completing district 8.
  20. Does this mean we can only move up to Purris, by winning stage 99 in Meowscow?
  21. I'm confused.... our Gang is still playing in Meoscow, but the last two release (iTunes Store) notes say that "Purris" was released in version 2.14 on Oct 23rd and then again in 2.14.1 on October 30th. Not complaining, just trying to figure-out how many days we have to complete Meowscow, before it closes for good.
  22. Honestly.....I'm changing mine most of the time? I usually try to keep at least 2 of every part, at the highest level possible for my I can mix and match between all of my machines. If I had to choose one setup as a "go-to"..... Sticky Tire whale, with double lifters, and a BIG shotgun. that works really well against campers, but susceptible to no-scope Sneakies. don't forget to use your two other garage slots.....comes-in handy when your chasing Super Boxes.
  23. One Last plug on this thread (retiring this recruitment thread, for new information). I'll have two open slots here shortly....we're on stage 47 of district 7. Minimum prestige 3....we're flexible on everything else. PM if interested, or Discord: @gr8sailor (Nacht 5D)
  24. 5th Dimension startup clan (extension of ) ....don't bother applying there for now. The webmaster Major_Steel and I have some details to work-out. Discord channel to come shortly. I'm heading a start-up, from ground zero. Minimum requirements (until I get bored, and decide otherwise): Ultimate League, minimum Wooden (1st-level) ranking. Gang Fights, minimum 15 trophies/day I will boot people not meeting these completely -low- expectations every 24 hours, and re-open the Gang to general recruiting. If you wish to join us, just drop a message here, and I'll get you an invite (or open a slot). Initially, 11 open slots tomorrow.
  25. It just boosts it's "natural" bonus.... rather than increasing it using Uncle Tony's bets. So if a part has a 35% boos on a Sneaky body, it will have a 45% once you fuse it. Not sure what the maximum bonus applied can be, I'd assume 100% tops.