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  1. Gang Name: -5D- #48749 Gang Rank: 393 City Kings, 1471 Global General Recruiting Prestige: 4 Average Trophy Count: 2400+/3 days (as a gang) Current # of Members: 24/25 Current City: Purris, District 2, stage 8 5th Dimension Gaming is looking for active C.A.T.S. seeking a competitive entry-level clan. We're a feisty little bunch, that need players committed to improving in-game. General recruiting is open to Prestige 4 and higher (no invite necessary, just join if there's an open slot). Please PM me here on the Message boards, or stop by our Discord channel: We understand if you don't fully know how to answer the normal recruiting questions..... Just stop-in, and we'll give you a 3-day trial period to see if you'd be a good fit with our group. No expectations of "Pay-to-Play" , just Daily expectations of participation in City Kings wars, and Gang Fights. Feel free to also check-out our Larger Gaming community at If you're playing it, we have the community and experience for you. Grow with us.
  2. Just went into district 8. Will have an open slot after server reset tonight. Discord:
  3. I've had some luck with setting mine to private, dropping the Prestige to 0, raising it back to whatever, then opening the Gang back up. I think that combo puts you on the "Recommended" list for a short period of time (players don't need to actively search for you specifically). Haven't really been able to confirm that with any of my new recruits, since they were all referrals.
  4. It's just part of the game. you earn all that stuff by Prestige 4....until then, blades & Rockets are your best friends.
  5. There are no active events to currently get it. District 8 of Meowscow was the offering, and one of the October All-Stars (where I got mine). I don't think there's currently any Ultimate boxes that drop it?
  6. It's currently the District 6 reward in Purris. We just got ours (underwhelmed joy), probably the most useless weapon in the game..
  7. If they're camping (really high Attack/Defense) for the Stage & Prestige, about the only thing you can do is keep tweaking your build, until you beat them? Highly depends on what you're throwing at them....more details would be helpful.
  8. so, this is obviously possible.... Is this a glitch with the game? I've never seen one personally (picture courtesy one of my gang members).
  9. Try something like this, see what happens.....
  10. Honestly, it depends more on what you're going up against for opponents? Sometimes just swapping weapon, between two different slots on the same vehicle, can mean the difference between victory & defeat. But with the body you have pictured, looks like the blue Blade & Wheels with a single boost would do you well. Swap the wheels around for best effect on your opponents.
  11. Is there a way to look-up this info on players, or is that just common knowledge from hanging around the community a while? I know several other MMO games have external rating systems that will show stuff like that, didn't think this one did.
  12. well into District 6. have one open slot, possibly 2 more tomorrow. Prestige 3 or higher can join, no questions asked.
  13. Can you post a picture of your vehicle builds (or at least describe them), and maybe the GIF of the match you're having issues with?
  14. Getting ready for District 6 Purris. Two open slots for anyone Prestige 4 or higher. Under that need to contact me via Discord above.
  15. Lock-out Gang Call (or give the leader a separate one) Online indicator (like for normal battles, this shouldn't be very already do it in-game) Lock-out or confirm start of Wars, after 5 people have joined. Lock-out shared Uncle Tony's rewards (like scouts). better in-game notifications.... which building was attacked/conquered. Gang management able to see builds of other members / mock fights. Shared leader roles (deputies)
  16. I've been having real weird losses in Ultimate League. I choose an opponent based on the stats in the Challenge "quit/continue" screen, but then when I get in-battle, their stats jump-up. I'm assuming this is an artifact of applied toolboxes. Is this Intended, or a bug? I'll try to get a screenshot of a before & after....but it's really difficult to spot them beforehand. (Got one)
  17. If you're Prestige 3 or better, just join (ID above). Otherwise PM me, or stop by our Discord. We're getting ready for District 5 in Purris.
  18. You have to get into a championship series, where you can beat quite a few opponents.......then I hate to say it.....Camp. I just went into Prestige now I'm sitting at Stage 4. I have a combination of vehicles that can beat all 14 opponents. Once you have that, It's just a matter of waiting about 4 1/2 hours for all the badges to regenerate, and try to not promote to the next stage. The Shark Bite is 135 badges, so about 45 hours. If you do everything perfect (which I do not), in 83 hours you'll have 250 badges. The Event is 120 hours long, so there's not much wiggle-room for mistakes, inactivity.
  19. 4 open slots. If you're Prestige 3 or better, just join (ID above). Otherwise PM me, or stop by our Discord. Got a -really- good core group now......just need to fill-out the remainder. We're not "top" anything....but who know, with time.
  20. Then i get this......which makes me question the mechanics. After attack placement.....into slot #5 & 6 on defense? I used the same set of battles, as pictured above....
  21. I made a diagram a while back, to keep it square in my head. Just updated this to make it "pretty". If this is incorrect, please feel free to correct.....but basically conforms to what Fezzik describes above
  22. I assumed some of them, because they had "really weak" builds for my Prestige....and/or if their Bot flips and does no damage,,,,, Thanks, was just looking for 3rd-part verification of my observations... :-)
  23. Not to hijack this conversation, but is there a reliable way to tell "Bots" from real players.....when they're not sporting these glitches? At least in City Kings, they're marked with a "P" you know what you're attacking.
  24. At the end of every City Kings match, there is a numeric leader board (which can only be viewed between matches). Does anyone know where this number comes from (I assume cumulative Influence points over a period), and if there is a way to review past Gang performance (wins/losses)? I seem to understand the "Top Gangs" leaderboard.....but does that update daily, or only every 3-days when Gang Fights reset? Just trying to understand these numbers, and if they play into anything at all........
  25. Corporate sponsor. We're not buying enough of their "Offers"