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  1. Even if it is a one time item only, I dont have it and anyone that doesnt will be screwed over by it. In gang fights the first person i go against has it and i cant even beat it, i tried having a tanky high health build but it still is tranquilized for the entire fight which lasted quite long.
  2. This item is wayyyy too broken if you have it you will win any fight as it lasts forever and shoots and hits before backpedals, rockets, or anything is shot.
  3. WAIT I was wrong oops it makes no difference that seven is a 10
  4. When you have 2 lasers it gets the damage from one laser then multiplies that by two, and then the damage from the other laser and multiples that by two, then it adds the damage from each laser together which equals the amount of damage it actually does. You guys are saying it adds the damage of both lasers and multiplies it by two, but what it does is multiply the damage of lasers separately Example of what you guys think: 2 lasers do 2 damage each, so 2 + 2 = 4 , 4 * 2.5 = 7 THIS IS WRONG!!! Example of what it really is: 2 lasers do 2 damage each, so 2 * 2.5 = 5 , 2 * 2.5 = 5 , 5 + 5 = 10 What you guys did is not think through it at all, what was told to you was that A laser does 2.5x it’s damage, you guys thought it was multiply the damage of both lasers, you were wrong, it’s multiply the damage of each laser by 2.5 and then add the damage. This should help.