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  1. Don't fix what's not broken.
  2. Is this actually real though?
  3. The world would be ours in no time. 😈
  4. If you give me one of those hip and cool rockets I'll slip you 10 dollars 😉
  5. LMAO WHAT 😆
  6. Great minds think alike.
  7. Weapons 1) Grenade launcher Exactly like the dragon mortar in Ultimate league, it shoots grenades over in an arch and grenades explode after a second. Dealing knockback 2) Flamethrower Basically stealing the Flamethrower from ultimate parts as well. Gadjets 1) Stun Trap A small pressure plate that gets shot onto the ground, if the opponent comes in contact with the plate then they get stunned/frozen. Tell me what you guys think 😉
  8. If you can't beat em' join em'. Make your own double rocket sneaky or 360 laser sneaky or just make a bit that doesn't move.
  9. I like the impulse repulse idea, not so sure about the others though
  10. Have you ever accidentally used gems instead of tapping on the ads inside of crates? I certainly have, multiple times, I've lost so much due to the game not conforming if you really want to be spending away your wealth. Anyone else wish Zeptolab should add this feature in the game?
  11. I wanted something like this so bad, but if course I had to have a mac
  12. Platinum is such a cool name
  13. I had a repulse 100% to chainsaw in legendary YouTube code box. ;(
  14. maybe only be able to trade with people lower than your league?