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  1. That means you did not win 14 people. Look at your screenshot. Its says not enought people. People needed are 14.
  2. No. What im saying is, When we paid for boxes etc, we were matched with worse gangs than ours. After city king reset, we stopped paying. Now we are matched where 2-3 people play City kings against gangs where atleast 8 members play City kings. We havent won almost any city kings since the reset (We have participaded every single time since the restart) My baloon flipped him, but the second his minigun made contact, my baloon got destroyed. You can see my minigun going thru the baloon without destroying it. Also, when i put my baloon on enemy mamoth, it will always pop before it gets lifted. That includes even 2 baloons. Baloons, when i use them cant lift my enemy, if he is using mamoth or hits it with any weapon. If you click replace, you get weak enemies. And thats pay2win. So you want me to get close and flip him with lifter al under 1 second? You know Boosters cant move lifter builds. Also, 2 of my bots were built to evade shots. But its clearly impossible, if enemy can shoot in all dirrections.
  3. Tankionline. Once great game, but made by russians. Now there are average 20k people online at all times, but players hate the game. Why so many people still play this game? They have nowhere to go. TDP4. Once a great game... Guess who has made TDP4? If you guessed russians, youre correct. Now the game is dead.
  4. So basically, before the last City kings reset, we had buyers in our gang. When we went into City kings, we had about 80% winrate. Often with just 2-3 active players on it. The reset came and i talked with the gang, noone really pays anymore. Now the 2-3 people who were always able to win has to go up against gangs where there are at least 22 bots in use. Thats atleast 8 people fighting 2-3. If game wouldnt be pay2win, we wouldnt have had so easy fights when we paid, and so impossible fights when we dont pay. If you shoot baloon with minigun, it explodes, right? Well, if youre buyer, then yes it does. Then it explodes before it even begins the lifting. We both had baloons. Now explain this to me. Why enemy lost his baloon and i didnt? My bullet clearly went thru the baloon. And why the fuck on gang wars i have to fight guys who can literaly kill all of my bots at once with 1 shot? Is this game made by russians? If so, it would perfectly explain this pay2win crap. They put it always, every time in anything they do.
  5. 6 people were in 2nd place, im the only one who didnt get past. Its all or noone.
  6. And situation hasnt changed, im stage 22, my best bot has 50k health and 40k damage, weakest enemy has 300 k damage/hp. I die from miniguns, the second fight begins!
  7. Hello! What if... If there is 15 people in stage, i earn second place, i could actually get the next stage? 12 minutes ago i lost, because i was second place.
  8. I got better idea! Fix the game! I lost 3300 points in battle i should've won.
  9. I meant prestige 13.
  10. Shotguns unlock only on prestige 3 (End of prestige 2) and im on stage 14. The best blade i have does 1068+226 (Toolboxes) damage. Have you tryed not buying? If thats extremely low chance to happen, you're buying too much. Game likes you. I cant beat 1st fight enemies, because of baloons. I have only 3 rocket launchers and 8 double rockets... Its not only rockets. Miniguns can hit me when they obviously shouldnt.. The game is balanced... im in Prestige 1, Stage 14. My strongest bot deals 1334 damage and has 3010health. Weakest enemy has 8201 health and 4539 damage. He uses surfer, gold wheels and 3 double rockets. Prestige 0 was completed using boulder jumper. In prestige 1 i havent got a single boulder which can be used to jump behind enemy. My surfer which boosts underenemy and flips it is useless, because i die after i spawn and if i dont, baloons ruin this tactic. Sneaky flip bot is useless, because i bought 30% more power to boosters, so yeah. And my dps wouldnt be good enought anyway, so enemy would push me in to the huge bots, if i survive that long. Third bot is just 2 miniguns on a pyramid with knob on the back and booster. Completelly useless. All 3 of my bots arebased on strategy, but none of them can do a thing, because enemy has bubbles and shotguns!
  11. Basically, title explains it. Add in settings "Balance" On/Off. You may be asking but why? Well, because currently there is the unbalanced mode which we all love, but just maybe, maybe some people would like to see balance in this game. Here are few examples- Im on Prestige 1, Stage 8. ALL enemies have the unbalanced baloons which just instantly flips me or leaves me hovering mid air with no chance of defense/offnse. In this league the guy with second lowest prestige is prestige 12! All enemies have gear i cant get, in gang wars i have to fight guys from stage 11 (To remind, im from stage 8)! Often enemies have twice or tripple the ammount of my damage/health, so i cant use brute force against them, and i have to throw them off the map before their shotgun/baloons fire else im dead (That means i die 99% of the time) Why double rockets deal the same damage like normal rockets? Whats the point of normal rocket launchers if there are more powerful and way better version. What is the hitbox for rockets/miniguns/shotguns? I can be on top of enemy, but he will still hit me, even if im behind his turret and ABOVE it! So again... Just add option for balanced mode. I would like to see this game with balance and strategy, than just wallet and punishment for playing it. (I havent passed only 1 stage on prestige 0, when i lost my charger and wasnt able to charge my phone. Currently using 4 bots with different variations to pass thru stages.)