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  1. Choose the wheels with the higher stats, Phil .... Every time, the higher stats are the go.
  2. Two blue moons this year, only two.
  3. Lucky Days! There are four blue moons this year!
  4. It would be possible to write a script for this.....
  5. Granted that I am a newb that knows sfa, but you have 3 weapons slots, that will give you 3 rockets according to my calculations. Level up your rockets (they fire faster than shotguns) and you can shoot the "boulder monkeys" in mid flight. It's almost as satisfying as skeet shooting.
  6. Thank you for the reply and the invitaion, PM sent. I am not familiar with "CATS Discord" - Magillacuddy
  7. Hi, My son (6 years old) and I (very old) are relative 'newbies' to the game and are looking for a friendly and active gang to join. Currently, we are in different gangs, which both have about 15-20% participation from other players. About us..... We are both active and play the game independently on different devices. We are both Stage 12 (no prestige) and consistently get 825 points/trophies per round. All our cars, weapons and accessories are Stage 13/14, maximum level and at 60% bonus. Our strategy is to fight for boxes, fight for crowns, open boxes, then complain to each other about what we didn't get. Both of us are able to defeat Stage 17 players in our respective gangs. Now, about you.....