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  1. Haizz. Laser dmg x2 damage to hp. If u have 2laser. U must set stronger laser in front of car. I see batle of snecky 1laser and titan 2 lase, u can see hp snecky lose slower than titan... sothat snecky lose hp after titan. But second time, titan lose. Cause lower dmg laser is in front of car. Its not dmg to kill snecky. But its nearly than stronger laser If titan change stronger laser in front of car, titan win
  2. Come with us if u r hard gamer. We find some new member can try 1k1/3days like us.
  3. Hey guy. We try to become stronger gang Well come to SUPER STAR Our gangs law: - atleast 300 fist day. 1k1/3days or kick - funny and friendly - dont play 24hours/day Good lucky
  4. Hey bro im here