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  1. After world cup... many guy has gone :)) and all start begin... comeon guys. Join us
  2. Tôi không thể tin vào mắt mình ... bất cứ ai đã từng có ?????
  3. My english not good. Cant can smone know smone dont want to know but its really my mistake Game for fun. And we chat, we talk here so funny. No one bad talk, its ok
  4. With us, win or lose in kotc is not importan. We allway lose in weekend But all guys must try to win rank 10 gang fight all day. Gang fight is onlyway to be stronger. And it will show to all see how hard gamer try. I kick some guy, its made us so weak. But they r too lazy. We can keep lazy member and i think kotc play for fun. We don revice smt from kotc
  5. Gang của chúng tôi chưa ổn định. Chưa có thể gọi là mạnh. Một số game thủ mới gia nhập nhưng không quen khó khăn và chỉ thích chiến thắng, nên họ lại rời đi. Cảm ơn các bạn đã đánh giá cao gang của tôi. Dù sao tôi cũng rất vui vì có những người anh em trung thành và đoàn kết. Một số người mới rắn rỏi và đầy nhiệt huyết. Hẹn gặp lại trong những trận chiến kịch tính và gay cấn
  6. Đến ngày chúng tôi r 2 tháng tuổi. Tôi tự hào về băng đảng của tôi.
  7. I think u r joke bro. English is the most regular language in the wolrd... and u use your lang so simple like u want. Smt u love a lady, u want to tell her all in your heat. So that time, u might see how u talk in here This game use so much physical knowlege... and many lady not like this so its very lucky if some gang has a lady I think hard but we r hoping it will be happen... why not
  8. Find for ours gang bros some lady will be funny. We r love lady bros
  9. Try to top 1 2 so hard... but my brothers tell me, we want more. Can u find some lady to ours gang 😂 I said: why u dont tell me smt so easier, ex: tell obama or trum join us 😬 But its still lovely... so that any lady want join us all law will be break to u 😘
  10. Still phil. From now, do u know who we are? I remember that u never been say some thing about what u talk ours old gang.
  11. 50 days. So hard cause in koct, all hard gamer are in their gang... but slowly and hardly... day by day... one by one. 50 days not too long but we was try very hard. Thanks my brothers. We r stronger. And together, we will stronger than now. 50 days amazing and hardly
  12. 1 month 11 days. 6 week. We try so hard. And we can be stronger. Hard gamer, come with us
  13. many gamer think so hard with 275 per day. Lose so much gems to do that. But in my gang, we talk about way to play, i tell my member how to plays better, the way we get more gem... thats why hard gamer come back and stay with us like i allway say: if u r hard gamer, come with us to be stronger
  14. 2 week old
  15. Day by day... one by one. We keep ours spirit. Come with us to be stronger