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  1. Use a blade or even a chainsaw will work.
  2. One spot open last I looked. Join us we're a great team
  3. Ok so it just gets worse? 1 part every 10 days and so on? Its just not even worth the effort.
  4. The rewards for kotc really suck. From district 3 you get 1 part if you win after 4 days, then 1 part after 5 days, then 1 part after 6 days, and so on until it's 1 part after 9 days. And that's one of you win. The tool boxes you give in between are a joke and useless. Also it'd be nice if you implemented something that shows if a member has joined/enlisted in kotc or not.
  5. When ever that happens to me I first do a quick fight, then check and if not i then click on championship, check again, then if still not there I click on bet and it usually always shows up by then.
  6. Yeah they're totally worthless. They're finished by the time you would need them.
  7. Yeah we established that already lol not sure why you mentioned it again. But cool Still pissed off they changed the rewards.
  8. Scratch that part about it never working for my kotc I mis read what you said thinking gang wars was different then kotc. I also noticed they changed the payout for the ultimate fighting league. Now it's just a 3 blue parts it used to be either 3 red & 2 blue or 3 blue and 2 red.
  9. What's weird is twice now ive had it showing the upgraded stats in 2 different fights after it was removed. And it never worked on my kotc machines it only worked on my ultimate fights. Anyways thanks for the info
  10. After receiving 1 hp box and 1 power box from kotc I applied them to my ultimate machine. It didnt apply the increased stats to the kotc parts only with ultimate fights parts. After I'm guessing was 24 hours my parts have now reverted back to before I applied the boxes. Are these boxes that we win in kotc only temporary upgrades?
  11. When ever I use a boulder blades and booster titans are usually easy to defeat since when you fly and hit them they usually tip backwards.
  12. A whale with a shotgun at the front and they more then likely will never make it over you. Or use a classic with a repulse will make it fly out of the ring
  13. Yeah thanks One other question do the free replace and scouts carry over to your next gang fight if you dont use them?
  14. Regarding strategies is it better to attack an opponent that has occupied a spot or attack a P spot? Is there any reason to do defend instead of doing attack which if you win you automatically start to defend. This whole aspect of the new gang wars has me cumfuzzled.
  15. Lmao didn't you just say you've been stuck at lvl 2 for weeks? Obviously your math isn't winning and tool boxes are part of the game so it's not cheating. Follow the advice and use tool boxes and fuse parts.