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  1. So if it's not random then you're saying you get the legendary chest when promoting at certain stages. I've never kept track of what stage I've gotten them but it sure feels random. You're correct Phil that is just the part and not the box. My bad But you do get a legendary box for your lvl 6 & 7 gang box. Not sure if you get it for level 5 since it's been so long since I've seen a lvl 5 and below gang box
  2. Pretty sure it's random when you promote and a better chance to get one if you instant promote. You can also get one after you defeat the 10th opponent in gang fights.
  3. I will be getting the bear weapon in a few hours but not looking forward to it at all. From what I've seen it is very useless. But it is nice to finish district 10 before the new city begins.
  4. You just have to keep trying. It took me 8 phones of my own plus one of my brothers for it to finally. Actually took me 10 because on the last one when i was out of phones to use I ended up just doing a factory reset on the phone and tried again which worked. With all the trouble it was to get it, it definitely wasn't worth it. (Created all new emails for every phone, played thru the tutorial every time, and back and forth with support, support did credit me with 2 of them after I sent them the usernames of the new accounts)
  5. Everyone knows that. Try and pay attention to what is written. They're talking about when you are tied with others in the championship medals and where the game places you in the ranking. You covered all but what is being discussed lol
  6. But then you would have no offensive weapon so you would lose.
  7. If you lose on a stage you dont move on to the next. So not sure how purposely losing would benefit a gang since they wont move onto the next stage until they beat their opponent. If you are 1 stage away from getting a green box and you intentionally lose you're still 1 stage away. As Phil stated the only advantage to losing quicker would be so you could start another ck sooner and that is only if you're up against an opponent that is killing you and you have no chance beating. From my understanding the matchmaking is done by the average of your gangs machines and how many members are in your gang. If you only have 10 people in your gang you will go up against a gang that has close to only 10 members. The trophy count for gang fights has nothing to do with the matchmaking what so ever.
  8. I heard my little pony magic princess is a great game where you build up your pony and fight against other ponies. There is even a farm battle royal to the death. Sounds interesting though
  9. What prestige are you?
  10. Sorry but we must have different definitions of lying. I asked them if it's possible for kotc to start with out 5 members joining. They said it's impossible so I consider that they're lying.
  11. Well that's what they told me and I don't see what they could possibly gain from lying.
  12. Thank you I know I wasn't crazy lol When I was referring to legendary parts from gang boxes. (I hardly ever get them from championship.)
  13. We have had the exact same thing happen to our gang. We told everyone in our gang do not join at all until a specific time and it started anyways. I contacted zeptolab and they said they looked into it and 5 members joined and it is not possible for the fight to start automatically. Here is what they said: Thank you for contacting us! My name is Ed Carmack, and I'm a support specialist.We checked your Gang, but haven't found anything suspicious. It seems that some of your gang members tap on "Ready" whenever they want, and that's why the War starts earlier than you need. The game cannot launch the War by itself (it is technically impossible), and, therefore, it won't be started until some real player will start it.Best wishes, Ed CarmackZeptoLab support team
  14. Not sure what KGB gamers are but the higher you get in the districts of kotc the longer time and more % you'll get. We are in district 8 at the moment and get 30% that lasts for 1day after every win in kotc.
  15. We're also a top ranked gang just below you in 17th in kotc