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  1. We usually get about 800 to 1200 trophies. We get gang Box level 2. we have a core group of 8 players that are regular contributors to city kings battles. The rest of the squad includes a few longtime members that pop in every now and then, and a bunch of recruits. Unfortunately the game is not very good at recruiting for high level players. Our active players range from prestige 4 to 18. what about you? What prestige level are you? Do you play daily? Do you have any friends to bring along? It would be great to merge with another gang having similar issues with active players.
  2. Looking for a gang that plays regularly but still for fun? Then come join us at GANGMOMSTYLE. We have a group of core experienced players but need more. We are part of a larger group of gamers called M.O.M. (Mean Old Men) that play multiple games on multiple platforms. You can check us out at www.momworldorder.com or on discord at https://discord.gg/h2XWRcQ. Other current games include PUBG Mobile, World of Tanks Blitz, Looney Tunes World of Mayhem, Grand Theft Auto as well as others. We are looking for prestige 1 or more and must be active in City Kings and Gang Fights. If you are interested, send me a message.
  3. And then after all that, it doesn’t play in the forum. It just shows the link that opens up imgur.
  4. The copy gifs won't copy anything. When I just use copy, it is a link to CATS in the App Store. I was able to get this by saving a gif from email to my device, then posting gif to imgur, them copying link from imgur to forum. Hopefully this works. But wow, talk about convoluted. https://i.imgur.com/qcgdC59.gifv
  5. I can send the gifs in an email, but not post to forum or even to imgur. Anyone have any helpful pointers?
  6. The copy gifs won't copy anything. When I just use copy, it is a link to CATS in the App Store. THIS IS INSANE!! https://mgcl.co/cats?_m=NHXwbkuI2z
  7. Still trying to figure out how to post gifs. https://mgcl.co/cats?_m=NHXwbkuI2v
  8. Can someone explain to me how this mode works? I attacked a building and won 2 out of 3 battles. Now one bot is repairing, one is recharging and the other one is sitting there with full health. I can't attack or defend anywhere else. How do we make bots available for multiple attacks?