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  1. Well if u wanna be the best in this game, put money on the table. P60 is just ridiculous. Probably will be P100 someday. Was a good rund for me, but it's time to retire. Good luck cats!
  2. yes, it did people arguing, people gets frustrated, a lot of time inverted, not fun anymore, PAY TO WIN, people leaving the game. Are you listening to us zepto? it's not only me, its almost 99% of your best players. just bring us back old kotc , i don't wanna play almost 24/7 for a win.
  3. You all know that zepto tried to improvement kotc but i think that they did not do a good job. 1) Is good to have heals, but pay for them? The gangs who have more money will win ALWAYS so remove "buy heal thing" 2) We have to wait a lot of time to "fair matches" but WHAT IF the battle is 22h or 23h instead of 24h and after this finish gang have 1-2hours to find a match (last time we wait 12hours+- for a match) 3)IF u lose you must gain the points. This is more fun and more competitive way to play because even in the lost you will get points 4) After 20 battles or more you can face the same gang. Why i said this? Because a gang who face another gang in 3 days (this happened) will win or lose both matches and this demoralize the gang like "we face this gang again, another lose guys" and they will not even try this time. 5) But what if i finish earlier than others gangs? Well you have to wait more "the finish timer" for all gangs and wait for your match (You will know the time and when all gangs will be ready for the next fight) Sorry for my english
  4. Once again zepto ruining the game just because they want more money (even more) is really sad that KOTC a fun war becomes a P2W KOTC. This update is absolutely thrash i hope the reverse this soon.
  5. Hello Cats here is a few things that zeptolab use to improve the game. - About campers is really hard to have fun if there is a camper in your league. You can change this like the "ultimate league" so the people who advance to the next stage can "Join" the new stage and the people who don't want to play the stage just don't play it and don't appear in the stage... like a "lobby" . Doing that they can't stop the people who really wanna play the normal championship. - You can put missions like "have a 100 win streak and win super box" or "500 win streak and win a legendary box" or gems. You know... making the game more interactive to the players who play a lot and reward them for that. - Obviusly add new cat poins. - In the ultimate league reward the first 5 or 6 placement with the same rewards (i'll never be able to be top 2 because of p2w guys and i play everyday a lot except when i have a camper in my stage) - In the boxes if i'm in level 15 must be weapons that have at least level 13 not 12. I think with this suggestions the game will improve a lot