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  1. if you want out of loosing go inactive for a week or 2 and the bet will reset
  2. I have a titian a tire and a chainsaw
  3. this was the funniest thing I have ever seen and the only time ive seen the wall mechs
  4. such as when I use titan when there are no titan bets I use the items already modified to my liking or something I think would help me upgrade for higher XP gain
  5. hahahaha the body bonuses apply to what body you bet on
  6. hope it happens?? try requesting to the devs
  7. so here we have it I will post my email anyone looking for a gang will email tomorrow or later and I will reply
  8. if you want I added a post lowering gem count so try the NOCTEM ALLIANCE in future it will have a weapon symbol
  9. ok so I understand this and as a gang leader I want the best for my gang so to MOTIVATE them I want gang donations from leaders to be possible and the option to change leader and co- leader as such the crash arena turbo stars BIO is a perfect idea so I think this should be possible and maybe a new gang should cost 50 gems for easier to buy access. and the idea of a level toggle could act like a touch wheel of ranking and you spin it to put a higher tag of level up and prestige wheel too
  10. hi I am not on pristige but I like the offer I can beat any gold with no (boosting parts LIFT) but I am especially effective against booster boulders and am gold 2 I can beat the first 3 fights easily if no then I will wait till pristege 1 is coming (CARBON 3)
  11. thank you for the offer I will gladly join but I will need an email
  12. hello I would gleefully join your gang I may be gold 2 but someday I will be stronger along with the fact that I COULD TAKE IT and I say that I will be online all holiday I got school but weekends too