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  1. lel now i see it and it just looks like simple XXDD
  2. Hello again! im here to share this magnificant work made by myself! it took me about 1 hour to make, and find the background hope you like it i was about to add a little kitten inside the machine, but its alredy 2AM, so i gotta go to school tomorrow......... DAMN If u want the sprites that i created here, call me in the comments. Z.C
  3. huehuehue br ksksksksksksks eae men
  4. Hi there! im new at CATS forum and i want to share my beautiful ideas.... or ugly ideas... i dunno. I´ve made some pictures to give a little and ugly sketch to the staffs.... if they are going to see this.... i hope......... SENPAI NOTE US (DISCLAMER:all the next pictures that you will see are EXTREMLY UGLY. And my toxic english its cuz im brazilian,so my english its not the best. PODE VIR CUMPADI) 1 IDEIA/ Send gifts to your friends. with this idea, you could share your parts with yours friends... u will be able to send 3 parts at the same.BUT,the much parts you send, the more longer will be the shipment. and also, rare and legendary part would lost most, or ALL their effect, just to balance things. ........next pic..... NEXT PICTURE! Like it? Awnser at the comments section. 2 IDEA/ Player Profiles Ok... for me, that´s the BEST idea.And well, what i could say.... its a profile... it would have some info about the player and see their cars. Also,with this, i would increment the FRIENDSHIP idea,you go at player profile and click ADD FRIEND button... actually,this button does not say ADD FRIEND, its just a ugly sketch. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like it? Awnser in the comments section 3rd IDEA/ Cancel/remove Crates well,thats just a little and nice implement... for people who like crates,with this idea. if u started to open a normal crate,but you just earned a rare crate,and want to start opening it, just press at the crate with is opening and press CANCEL... unfortaly (or no), i dont have a picture for this... but its just like the other picture in this idea. And the REMOVE crate, just press at any crate and then, press REMOVE, so it open space to a brand new crate.BUT to balance things, you can only remove/cancel crates X times per day. PIC: Removing a crate JUST IMAGINE: Delete this REMOVE and just put a CANCEL button... Like it? Awnser in the comments section "Bonus" Ideas... Those ideas are non pictured ideas,witch have no meaning at the post,you can freely ignore them. 1stBONUS Damage per second my brother gave me that one. Imagine if,Chainsaw,stinger and melee weapons do damage per second (exept blade), just like the laser? my honest opnion, this idea have dont really change the game and, the normal damage its good..... 2ndBONUS More customizable cat i really hate when i see someone else with a cat just like mine one... so i think tha, more customizable cats could be a good one. Its just cosmetic,but its cool 8) (also, zeptolab can win more money selling those 'cosmetics'...) you would change your head,body and tail skins. also but 1 more "hat" slot,so you could use glasses and a fedore at the same time. So thats it... i guess. If you, STAFF MEMBER are reading this (no,probably no),pls tell me wath you think about it in the comments section. if i got some new ideas, i put here.... if you think that would be better change something, comment! your opnion its always good. im Ztorm and, ;D Goodbye Z.C