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  1. Well, I was ratio-ing because I was under the impression that a minigun did less DPS than a rocket of the same attack value early in the fight, but later in the fight stats doing higher DPS than the rocket. Turns out that's not how miniguns work at all.
  2. that click bait, lol
  3. I know that feel, but did you know that with max backpedals the flying pyramid becomes possible? Basically the same build but way more consistent. It still works if the weapon is up front instead of at the back (although it looks wonky in flight).
  4. Awesome. Two things to update this on. 1, Maybe this isn't entirely a visual bug, on two occasions this build has caused the game to apparently crash (or at least freeze for a moment before closing itself) at the start of the flame burst that would've killed. It's rare given that it's only happened twice. 2, This thing has become my third build. It's winning against pretty strong builds that I was not expecting to win against. Maybe RNGesus can start giving me upgrades for flame throwers, ice sprinklers, and stage coach. :\
  5. If you have repulse level 3 you can sometimes hurl titans over the wall.
  6. page unavailable
  7. I've prestiged twice since then, but thanks for the advice I guess, lol. I'm pretty sure minigun builds still normally lose to rocket builds if they both have similar stats if they both have a 1:1 (rocket build one-shots the other) or 2:1 hp to attack ratio. Is it maybe a 3:1 or 4:1 hp to attack ratio where the minigun build starts to win? None of my current builds run miniguns so I don't really have anything more recent.
  8. lol, I'd totally use that.
  9. Early 2018 actually (definitely post minigun buff), but how so?
  10. By the way this isn't salt, i'm just theory crafting.
  11. Maybe 5 ice sprinkers and nothing else besides a set of wheels on a sleigh. Not even a weapon.
  12. Just a question, at which HP to attack ratio does a minigun build start to win against a rocket build of similar stats? (the gif was actually from quite a while ago, but if I remember right the shotgun only contributed about 25000 damage)
  13. If your ultimate machine has both a flame thrower and an ice sprinkler, the opposing machine may often leave a ghost if it was destroyed while frozen and burning simultaneously. Oddly enough the ghost displays the victory animation where the pilot pops up and laughs.
  14. *Overwritten*
  15. They've always been known to never hit certain builds despite looking like they hit. I remember back in mid 2017 they were like that.