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  1. Hi cats, it would be nice if you share your thoughts about CATS localization. What language do you use while playing the game? What do you think about quality of translation?
  2. Cool, I'll post it on Facebook. Could you send me your ingame ID in PM?
  3. We can't hold events with prizes around 100 gems to each player due to obvious economical reasons. You won't find events with this kind of generosity in other games either. The next update will be focused on Gang Wars for territories.
  4. We know that you’re sad because of Redboxes that gone from your leagues. Unfortunately, we can’t give them one more time, because taking it away next round will be as painful as during this one. Losing things is always hard, but Christmas is over long ago.Cheer up! New event is coming soon. There will be new things to get! And old ones too! Christmas parts will drop from regular Ultimate boxes.
  5. This is not topic related. CATS is designed for different people of many ages. The single fact of being elder is not a crime or, well, bulling those who're younger. I told you everything about our policy, I hope that you heard what I said. The topic will be closed, because you confuse bulling with everything else. If you continue to make similar posts, we'll have to deal with that accordingly to local rules. Have a nice day!
  6. Hello,Our forum has a set of rules that prohibits bulling. So you may be sure that no one is able to offend your son without a punishment. Also our community is generous and helpful, especially on these forums. Some people may be toxic, but usually it happens on Reddit, because it's not our official place. Also toxic behaviour is not prohibited, if it doesn't insult people directly. Irony is not forbidden. So if you think that someone offends your son or forces him to do something he doesn't like here or there, the only thing you're able to do to protect him (how old is he by the way?) is to restrict him from using these resources. I don't speak about the Facebook here, because it has got age restrictions (people under 14 are prohibited from registration), And if your son is above, please note that by defending him this way you may damage his reputation, because people at age of 14 and above usually know how to defend themselves in the world wide net even better than elder people.You may also try to make your calls if you like, but please note that no violations were made or left unpunished by mods if there were any. Thus threats to jail someone you made above could be even treated as bulling that comes from you and directed to the whole community. And as I told you before, it won't be left without a punishment. So I'd like to kindly ask you not to do that next time.As for now, we will pretend that you didn't blame us in bulling without any proves given. I think that you made the post without any evil intentions, because you're obviously a good mother that tries to protect her son from threats of internet, however I can't silently watch how you offend kind people with threats and try to frighten them with jail.If you have got some proves (screenshots) where someone insults your son, please feel free to send it to me via private messages, I will check if that people were punished and in case they were not, I will do that.Sincerely yours, Chervey
  7. You also may create topics and post here about things that trouble you.
  8. Ok, patch yourself up. Waiting for new series!
  9. Well, it's not quite like that as a topic starter says. Miniguns are a bit OP for now.
  10. No cheating. There is a chain of rivals you need to beat in a gang fight. Each has 3 cars. Several first rivals should be around your level. Next should be stronger. It means that you will not beat weaker cars all the way through the chain. So we take real cars, however some of them are too weak or even empty. So in that case we modify their damage and HP not to match YOU, but to match level of strength they should have in the line. The 1st rival is equal to you more or less, the 7th for example is MUCH stronger and it's really hard to beat him. In other words, roughly saying, it could be Weedcat on the 1st level and on 7th place, however his damage and HP will be multiplied accordingly to the place in the chain.
  11. Reinstall may cause progress loss. And you'll have to contact the support to get it back. It's better to wait a bit more. Usually everything gets back to normal in a day or two.
  12. It will be fixed in couple of weeks.
  13. When you hit 12h of playing you'll get a time to get a breath of fresh air It's done to restrict some cunning cats from playing too much without even sleeping.
  14. Not only. We know about this freeze and we're working on the fix.
  15. That's right