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  1. You also may create topics and post here about things that trouble you.
  2. Ok, patch yourself up. Waiting for new series!
  3. Well, it's not quite like that as a topic starter says. Miniguns are a bit OP for now.
  4. No cheating. There is a chain of rivals you need to beat in a gang fight. Each has 3 cars. Several first rivals should be around your level. Next should be stronger. It means that you will not beat weaker cars all the way through the chain. So we take real cars, however some of them are too weak or even empty. So in that case we modify their damage and HP not to match YOU, but to match level of strength they should have in the line. The 1st rival is equal to you more or less, the 7th for example is MUCH stronger and it's really hard to beat him. In other words, roughly saying, it could be Weedcat on the 1st level and on 7th place, however his damage and HP will be multiplied accordingly to the place in the chain.
  5. Reinstall may cause progress loss. And you'll have to contact the support to get it back. It's better to wait a bit more. Usually everything gets back to normal in a day or two.
  6. It will be fixed in couple of weeks.
  7. When you hit 12h of playing you'll get a time to get a breath of fresh air It's done to restrict some cunning cats from playing too much without even sleeping.
  8. Not only. We know about this freeze and we're working on the fix.
  9. That's right
  10. Thanks for the report, guys!
  11. New update is here! Unite into powerful gangs and rule the streets together! Create your own gang or join one of the existing ones, including the gangs of your friends. Chat with gang mates to discuss strategy and prepare for the upcoming battles!
  12. Get ready to unite against rivals!
  13. That's amazing! Please send me your ingame ID in PM.
  14. Yes. Some of them. Got banned though.