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  1. Would be glad to read some no matter if you tried it or just heard about it.
  2. Cats move to Meow York around 1 pm UTC today. Prizes for Meow De Janeiro will be sent within 2 days after this city ends. Please keep in mind that only those who will be in the gang in the moment when prizes arrive will get them. It means that if you want to get your prize, you have to be in your gang until you get it.
  3. New ult part max is LVL 13 Here are confirmed numbers of parts and ult cash needed for lvl 13: R1 standard — 49 parts and 15k UC R2 polished — 34 parts and 25k UC R3 refined — 14 parts and 50k UC R4 superior — 11 parts and 100k UC R5 outstanding — 7 parts and 300k UC
  4. Diamond Pig is coming! A new ultimate set of 5th rarity that we are going to release soon is called Diamond Pig! It’s a better version of regular Pig set and it’s designed to counter Hot Wheels sets. Its firm and heavy parts are enforced by powerful bonuses. Cats that perform good in the next All-Stars, which is scheduled on Feb 4, will get it.
  5. We got your reports about jumping of regular part levels. It happened because of a mistake that changed part levelling sheets (it's fixed though, so everything should be ok now). Here's an example of a thing that happened: When you fuse one part into another, you generate 1000 exp. Next level of the part was at the point of 900 exp requirement. In old system you got one level, mistake shifted it to 1200, so you kind of lost it. Then we fixed the prob. So everything got back to normal. No part experience burned. In case if you see that something is still wrong, restarting of the application should help. Another important issue is about fusing legendaries into other parts. You’ve spotted that it now gives way less experience to parts you fuse legendaries into. This is an outcome of a bug. We was going to fix an exploit that allowed to advance parts beyond their max levels. It’s fixed, no one is no longer able to get an unfair advantage. However unexpected side effect of it is that experience amount that each part may give to another part is limited. In order to fix it, we’ll have to either roll out a hot fix or correct it with the next update. We’re currently making decision how we going to deal with the problem.
  6. The Year of the Dog is coming to an end... Prepare to greet the Golden Pig with us! - LUNAR NEW YEAR: Fireworks, lanterns, lion masks, and other surprises are waiting for you in the game! - THE PIG SET: Increase your machine’s power with a special gadget from a new ultimate set! - ALL-STARS TOURNAMENT: Take part in the warm-up event and craft the Pig set, and then join the great Lunar New Year tournament to unlock a very special reward!
  7. Those who've got that kind of issue Warning for insulting. Next case will grant you a temp ban. And some drop in message counter. Some tiny amount of players happened to get a bit different config due to things done by our team. It could be fixed in our support by agents. Feel free to ask them for help.
  8. Tomorrow servers will go down for maintenance starting from 8 am till 12 pm UTC (for more or less 4 hours). We're going to install a new update. Expect to see some cool stuff (new ult part rarity and boomerang boxes including).
  9. Regarding the All Stars reward bug we faced yesterday. Due to an error in the code, some cats got way more rewards for the All-Stars than we intended. Actually it was a square of the promised number, which means some players got hundreds of extra parts. Of course it’s great to get freebies, but we have to make sure the game stays fair for everyone. So we removed the extra parts from top-50 players in every group and returned the ultimate cash spent on upgrades. We also sent gem compensations to players affected by the bug... and by the fix. This shouldn't happen again. We aren't fond of old bugs!
  10. The Second All Stars event has just started! Compete for prizes and have fun while you can because the event will end on Monday. The ultimate carnage and battle for fans and glory begins!
  11. He's left the game
  12. How's it going? 3 days left
  13. Feel free to leave your ingame ID, a team you'd like to join and your position in the current ultimate league leaderboard.
  14. Cats! As the FIFA World Football Cup 2018 enters its final and the most exciting stage, we decided to hold our own tournament - CATS World Cup! We are looking for the best Ultimate Players to join the national teams (gangs) and fight against each other in special City Kings matches. Choose any team you want to play for and apply on social networks by sending us your Player ID, the team you want to play and your position in the Ultimate Leaderboard. The tournament starts on July 3. The list of the teams and social networks can be found in the rules: You may apply on the forums by leaving the info in comments to this post. Good luck!
  15. Faster Championship Promotion Event has just started! Champ round length is 24h until the end of the event, 06.06.2018, 12 AM (UTC)