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  1. Cats move to Meow York around 1 pm UTC today.

    Prizes for Meow De Janeiro will be sent within 2 days after this city ends.
    Please keep in mind that only those who will be in the gang in the moment when prizes arrive will get them. It means that if you want to get your prize, you have to be in your gang until you get it.

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  2. New ult part max is LVL 13

    Here are confirmed numbers of parts and ult cash needed for lvl 13:

    R1 standard — 49 parts and 15k UC
    R2 polished — 34 parts and 25k UC
    R3 refined — 14 parts and 50k UC
    R4 superior — 11 parts and 100k UC
    R5 outstanding — 7 parts and 300k UC

  3. Diamond Pig is coming!

    A new ultimate set of 5th rarity that we are going to release soon is called Diamond Pig! It’s a better version of regular Pig set and it’s designed to counter Hot Wheels sets. Its firm and heavy parts are enforced by powerful bonuses.

    Cats that perform good in the next All-Stars, which is scheduled on Feb 4, will get it.

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  4. We got your reports about jumping of regular part levels. It happened because of a mistake that changed part levelling sheets (it's fixed though, so everything should be ok now). Here's an example of a thing that happened: When you fuse one part into another, you generate 1000 exp. Next level of the part was at the point of 900 exp requirement. In old system you got one level, mistake shifted it to 1200, so you kind of lost it. Then we fixed the prob. So everything got back to normal. No part experience burned. In case if you see that something is still wrong, restarting of the application should help.

    Another important issue is about fusing legendaries into other parts. You’ve spotted that it now gives way less experience to parts you fuse legendaries into. This is an outcome of a bug. We was going to fix an exploit that allowed to advance parts beyond their max levels. It’s fixed, no one is no longer able to get an unfair advantage. However unexpected side effect of it is that experience amount that each part may give to another part is limited. In order to fix it, we’ll have to either roll out a hot fix or correct it with the next update. We’re currently making decision how we going to deal with the problem.

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  5. The Year of the Dog is coming to an end...

    Prepare to greet the Golden Pig with us!

    - LUNAR NEW YEAR: Fireworks, lanterns, lion masks, and other surprises are waiting for you in the game!
    - THE PIG SET: Increase your machine’s power with a special gadget from a new ultimate set!
    - ALL-STARS TOURNAMENT: Take part in the warm-up event and craft the Pig set, and then join the great Lunar New Year tournament to unlock a very special reward!

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  6. Those who've got that kind of issue

    On 10/8/2018 at 2:03 AM, Phil said:


    Unbelievable 😡

    So now Zeptolab have extended their blatantly unfair competition modes to providing selected players with parts that are not available to the general player base.

    Why not extend your short experiment to all players ? Because you’re an incompetent bunch of clowns .. that’s why 🤡


    Warning for insulting. Next case will grant you a temp ban. And some drop in message counter.

    Some tiny amount of players happened to get a bit different config due to things done by our team. It could be fixed in our support by agents. Feel free to ask them for help.

  7. Regarding the All Stars reward bug we faced yesterday. Due to an error in the code, some cats got way more rewards for the All-Stars than we intended. Actually it was a square of the promised number, which means some players got hundreds of extra parts. Of course it’s great to get freebies, but we have to make sure the game stays fair for everyone. So we removed the extra parts from top-50 players in every group and returned the ultimate cash spent on upgrades. We also sent gem compensations to players affected by the bug... and by the fix. This shouldn't happen again. We aren't fond of old bugs!

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  8. Cats! As the FIFA World Football Cup 2018 enters its final and the most exciting stage, we decided to hold our own tournament - CATS World Cup! We are looking for the best Ultimate Players to join the national teams (gangs) and fight against each other in special City Kings matches.

    Choose any team you want to play for and apply on social networks by sending us your Player ID, the team you want to play and your position in the Ultimate Leaderboard. The tournament starts on July 3. The list of the teams and social networks can be found in the rules:

    You may apply on the forums by leaving the info in comments to this post.

    Good luck!

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  9. The most probably we will roll out new sheet of ultimate parts upgrading requirements. They will be more demanding on levels 10+ than they were for levels 9- by far. Currently level 11 requires 20 parts. Next level will take even more.

    In other words, prestiges will not measure your progress by themselves, but your ultimate parts and their level will. Top level ultimate parts will demand dozens of parts. And if some players will be able to achieve them, they will earn the right to use them. Why would you like to restrict them? I bet you don't try to tell millionaires what to do and how to spend in real life. And every MMO game is just an extension of a real life, another way to spend free time and money. So in case if you have one of two in bulk for making you a better player, you may compete for the top positions. It always and everywhere works like that.

  10. Spending players have their own limits for spending.

    Let's say, if you are a spending player, you have a limit of 1000 gems for heals for each KOTC and you know that you may buy 10 heals. However if heals become more and more expensive (for example 100 gems for the 1st heal, 200 for the 2nd, 300 for the 3rd, 400 for the 4th etc) you come to a conclusion that for 1k gems you may heal yourself only 4 times instead of 10, and only 5 times instead of 15. This will limit your wish to instaheal every time your car was destroyed due to common sense and your wallet volume that is not endless. Only top spenders will be able to heal themselves as it happens now with this kind of mechanics . And I assume you understand that these kind of players should be able to spend if they want.

    I can't say for sure when we will deal this prob exactly and how will the final solution look like. However the general direction and logic is stated above.

  11. Hi all, please sorry for the silence.

    We're aware of the match making problem and working on it. We'll change rules for finding an opponent with the next update (which is that long to wait for),
    Problem happened because we wanted to prevent situation when uneven gangs matched against each other. Thus the match making algorithm tries to find a perfect match for your gang. It leads to long delays and picks the same gangs from the narrow circle of potential rivals.

    There are also other problems we're aware of that create incentive to disband gangs. Working on it too.

    Please sorry for inconvenience. 

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  12. On 2/4/2018 at 7:04 PM, Phil said:

    Sadly, you’re not the only one who is disappointed by the rubbish parts served up by Zeptolab from their Chinese New Year boxes 🙁

    This is the third event run by Zeptolab .. and they are clearly getting worse each time!

    Halloween was a magnificent event .. an absolute pleasure to participate in, particularly if you were a 10/24 player at the time (with an OP car) 😀 . Apart from winning 1,520 gems, you received numerous boxes full of decent normal parts!

    Zeptolab has clearly decided this event was far too generous, and they will never run anything like it again 😡

    The Christmas event offered no gems .. instead you had to spend gems to buy your Christmas presents 🎁. At least the presents were very good ones .. Santa’s sleigh 🛷 (which is actually a whale) has proved to be the best ultimate chassis to date.

    And finally to the Chinese New Year event .. time to put the trash out! Instead of celebrating an event followed by billions of people all over the world (not including Russia it would seem) .. they came up with this pitiful excuse for a bunch of new parts! And you can’t even exchange these gifts for gems 😡

    I still have hope for the Easter event! Will Zeptolab resurrect both the game and these events? Perhaps a miracle .. 1,000 gems prize to be won on the third day of the Easter event? Just don’t make Easter bunnies out of us with another lame event .. an Easter egg hunt is great fun if the prizes are worth it 😀

    We can't hold events with prizes around 100 gems to each player due to obvious economical reasons. You won't find events with this kind of generosity in other games either.
    The next update will be focused on Gang Wars for territories.

  13. We know that you’re sad because of Redboxes that gone from your leagues. Unfortunately, we can’t give them one more time, because taking it away next round will be as painful as during this one. Losing things is always hard, but Christmas is over long ago.Cheer up! New event is coming soon. There will be new things to get! And old ones too! Christmas parts will drop from regular Ultimate boxes.

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  14. 2 hours ago, Platinum said:

    You are not listening to me this game is built on strategic play yet ypu all. Think that just because you all are higher that makes my son a retard second I don't want to hear about rules because you all breaks them as well everyone breaks the rules

    This is not topic related. CATS is designed for different people of many ages. The single fact of being elder is not a crime or, well, bulling those who're younger. I told you everything about our policy, I hope that you heard what I said.

    The topic will be closed, because you confuse bulling with everything else. If you continue to make similar posts, we'll have to deal with that accordingly to local rules.

    Have a nice day!

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  15. Hello,

    Our forum has a set of rules that prohibits bulling. So you may be sure that no one is able to offend your son without a punishment. Also our community is generous and helpful, especially on these forums. Some people may be toxic, but usually it happens on Reddit, because it's not our official place. Also toxic behaviour is not prohibited, if it doesn't insult people directly. Irony is not forbidden. So if you think that someone offends your son or forces him to do something he doesn't like here or there, the only thing you're able to do to protect him (how old is he by the way?) is to restrict him from using these resources. I don't speak about the Facebook here, because it has got age restrictions (people under 14 are prohibited from registration), And if your son is above, please note that by defending him this way you may damage his reputation, because people at age of 14 and above usually know how to defend themselves in the world wide net even better than elder people.

    You may also try to make your calls if you like, but please note that no violations were made or left unpunished by mods if there were any. Thus threats to jail someone you made above could be even treated as bulling that comes from you and directed to the whole community. And as I told you before, it won't be left without a punishment. So I'd like to kindly ask you not to do that next time.

    As for now, we will pretend that you didn't blame us in bulling without any proves given. I think that you made the post without any evil intentions, because you're obviously a good mother that tries to protect her son from threats of internet, however I can't silently watch how you offend kind people with threats and try to frighten them with jail.

    If you have got some proves (screenshots) where someone insults your son, please feel free to send it to me via private messages, I will check if that people were punished and in case they were not, I will do that.

    Sincerely yours, Chervey

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