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  1. Here is the next UL car for Easter:
  2. If you have heard, there is a new Easter update. With this update, the prestige cap went from 40 to 50! Why does anyone need this? I am only at Prestige 1, and been here for a couple months, so how does anybody get to prestige 50? Here is some QUICK MATH: If you start from scratch, to prestige, there are 24 stages, each taking 2 days, for 50 prestiges. So 24 * 2 * 50 = 2400 days, or approximately 6 and a half years. You might think this topic is dumb, but I just noticed this when I was bored. Kind of sad there was no new UL parts.
  3. How can I move this to Contests?
  4. By Connor
  5. By Connor
  6. By Connor
  7. By Riderrod
  8. When you posted it to Imgur, it saved as a video. If you post it directly to the forum from the email, it will be able to play here. I converted it into a GIF:
  9. ok, thanks
  10. I think that was an event. I remember it from the Halloween thing.
  11. Anyone?
  12. Here is a picture
  13. What do you think about the new "Ultimate Booster"? Seems a bit over priced, 2x rewards + 2x purple cats in set period of time(I am not sure how long), for 500 GEMS! So, what do you think?
  14. So now that everyone know how to save and post a replay, does anyone want to post one?