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  1. Hello fellow cats! I've been on the forum for some time, I've had great success finding some solid players but we are still a couple players short of where I want this gang to be! If anyone is interested in joining us, we are in District 5 of City Kings. Message me here or on kik @Wapodmenace
  2. He really is! Active, chill and super strong & dependable. I found a gem
  3. join us bro! Search: Greased Scarz. Message me when you find it and I will save you a spot! Cheers
  4. Hey bro, you're welcome to join us! Message me back for details we could use a few more active players like yourself
  5. Sure thing man. Search us up: Greased Scarz and I'll say join requirements to prestige or higher to save ur spot
  6. Hey there lil kitty. Ever seen the movie lion king? Remember Scar, the bad uncle.. Yeah this gang is in remembrance of him lol anywho, we would love to adopt you! Add me on Kik to make this process smoother: Wapodmenace. Hope to hear back from you
  7. Hey Madhens, we are currently on a 4 win streak in Kings of the City. We have some strong ULTIMATE machines so come join us if you do too! Add me on Kik for easier communication: Wapodmenace
  8. Have you and your son found a good gang?
  9. Hey dimitris, welcome to the forum. We would love to have an active player like you in our gang. Add me on kik: Wapodmenace
  10. Hello fellow cats, I am currently seeking a few players that have awesome ULTIMATE MACHINES. We have won our last 2 city gang fights so only the strong will be chosen. Do you have what it takes to run with us?? Message me here @wapo or on kik : wapodmenace
  11. Sure thing. Let me know when you're ready and I will make some room 4 you
  12. Join us Champi. You would be a great addition. Search: Greased Scarz
  13. Hey man. Download kik & message me: wapodmenace I would love to have you in our gang
  14. Hey rain, go ahead and join. Add me on Kik so we can communicate more efficiently
  15. Please send me your usernames and I will clear up some room for anyone interested. Message me on Kik: Wapodmenace